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Free Themed Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 12 2022 Answers:

Coalition 4 letters BLOC
Defeat 5 letters UPEND
Score in some card games 4 letters MELD
Cowboy QB Tony 4 letters ROMO
Daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis in Greek myth 5 letters MEDEA
Like fine wine 4 letters AGED
Cheese in a red coat 4 letters EDAM
Ten-legged aquatic crustacean 5 letters PRAWN
Needing guidance 4 letters LOST
Corporate board member’s share of profits? 12 letters DIRECTORSCUT
Large sci fi publishing co. 4 letters BAEN
Make possible 6 letters ENABLE
Envision 6 letters IDEATE
Medical test initially 3 letters MRI
Index of stocks traded on the Euronext Amsterdam 3 letters AEX
Raptor plumage? 11 letters FALCONCREST
Nelson’s place 3 letters MAT
Welcome comment following a collision 4 letters IMOK
Key contraction 3 letters OER
The good life 4 letters EASE
Acronym for a web browser for mobile devices 3 letters WAP
Cowardly New Yorker? 11 letters CITYCHICKEN
Atomic for one 3 letters AGE
Rock you dig 3 letters ORE
Compartmentalize 6 letters ASSORT
Worn blanket 6 letters SERAPE
Med school course 4 letters ANAT
Deluge? 12 letters FALLINGWATER
Fuel source 4 letters PEAT
Basic cable network 5 letters AANDE
Anatomical tissue 4 letters TELA
D. C.’s Karl 4 letters ROVE
Gunpowder ingredient 5 letters NITER
It can carry nuclear warheads from 6000 to 9000 miles 4 letters ICBM
River of Europe 4 letters YSER
Besides those days were golden days whilst these are days of ___ : Christina Rossetti 5 letters DROSS
Guy 4 letters CHAP
Partner of born 4 letters BRED
City in California’s Central Valley 4 letters LODI
Barbra’s Funny Girl costar 4 letters OMAR
Witty reply 8 letters COMEBACK
Many 7 letters UMPTEEN
Isabel or Eva 5 letters PERON
Acronym of non-profit org. providing shelter to the homeless 4 letters EDAR
It may come in a flash 4 letters NEWS
June Taylor’s troupe 7 letters DANCERS
Island nation 5 letters MALTA
How a maniac may begin? 3 letters EGO
Actor Tremayne 3 letters LES
Banned insecticide 3 letters DDT
Carthage must be destroyed! speaker 4 letters CATO
Military division 4 letters UNIT
West African capital 6 letters BAMAKO
Flat dweller often 6 letters LEASER
Limitation 6 letters EXTENT
Miranda Lambert song: ___ a Cowboy 6 letters IFIWAS
What a twister does 6 letters DAMAGE
Romeo was one 6 letters ELOPER
Car model Marquis or Cougar familiarly 4 letters MERC
___ d’Azur (French Riviera) 4 letters COTE
First name of Benjamin Bratt’s Law & Order character 3 letters REY
Far from down 8 letters ECSTATIC
Flag airline of Panama 4 letters COPA
Hibernia 7 letters IRELAND
They seem destined to tangle 7 letters HANGERS
Start of an early Beatles title 4 letters ISAW
Looking for 5 letters AFTER
Quito’s location 5 letters ANDES
Den 4 letters LAIR
Find absorbing 4 letters INTO
It may be high or low 4 letters TECH
End of a familiar palindrome 4 letters ELBA
Exit ___ 4 letters RAMP
Be nosy 3 letters PRY
Goddess of the dawn 3 letters EOS
___ atque vale 3 letters AVE


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