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Daily Quick Crossword November 13 2022 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword November 13 2022 Answers:

Delighted 11 letters OVERTHEMOON
Leisurely walk 6 letters STROLL
Shake with cold 6 letters SHIVER
Wooden hammer 6 letters MALLET
Peak 6 letters SUMMIT
Nervous twitch 3 letters TIC
Colour of the spectrum 6 letters INDIGO
Nonsensical 6 letters ABSURD
Belly laugh 6 letters GUFFAW
Fair-haired 6 letters BLONDE
Plotter 11 letters CONSPIRATOR
Young horse 4 letters COLT
Draw back as with fear 6 letters RECOIL
Long dagger 8 letters STILETTO
A smaller amount 4 letters LESS
Speakers platform 6 letters PODIUM
Inside 8 letters INTERIOR
Proclaim 8 letters ANNOUNCE
Sheath for a sword 8 letters SCABBARD
Very young child 6 letters INFANT
Unwrinkled 6 letters SMOOTH
Cried 4 letters WEPT
Highland dagger 4 letters DIRK


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