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Daily Themed Crossword January 19 2024 Solutions

Easy as ___ (English alphabet starters)ABC
The M in SMS for shortMSG
___ Wednesday (first day of Lent)ASH
Is it ___ late to apologize?TOO
Travel by boatSAIL
Pigeon’s callCOO
*Flying pest you may find at home that uses its proboscis to suck bloodMOSQUITO
Yoo-___ popular chocolate drinkHOO
German-born teen diarist ___ FrankANNE
Didn’t stay?WENT
How I ___ Your Father (spin-off sitcom)MET
That’s so frustrating!GAH
Programming language that shares a name with an Indonesian islandJAVA
Many moons ___…AGO
Sleep party crasher?ALARM
*Vacuum ___ high-tech dirt buster that sucks dustCLEANER
Of Mice and ___ John Steinbeck novelMEN
Large water body in Finding DoryOCEAN
Leftover morselORT
Bank’s advance offeringLOAN
___ a bullet (avoid an unwelcome situation)DODGE
Teach in a wayTAME
*Sipping aid that you can use to suck in your favorite cocktailSTRAW
Oh!___! (Got it!): 2 wds.ISEE
Seek damages in courtSUE
*Creepy parasitic scalp crawlers that suck your bloodLICE
Assorted items for shortMISC
Dublin’s country for shortIRE
Sister in a religious orderNUN
Satisfying massage reaction?AHH
Popeye’s girl OliveOYL
Barrel tapped at a frat partyKEG
Cash-on-demand machine: Abbr.ATM
Greeting from a ghostBOO
Sin ___ and tan (trigonometry terms)COS
Central streetMAIN
Suffix with web to mean a web browser’s destinationSITE
Day-___ (fluorescent paint manufacturer)GLO
Tooth or tummy troubleACHE
Coming ___ (store sign about new merch)SOON
___ and holler (shout angrily)HOOT
Vitamin D-dispensing star in the skySUN
Doha’s countryQATAR
Hold your horses!WHOA
One with XY chromosomes in a DNA chartMALE
Thirteen actress Rachel WoodEVAN
Lavish celebrationGALA
Meeting outlineAGENDA
*Traffic ___ commuter’s standstill nightmare that sucksJAM
___ juice (cow’s milk slangily)MOO
100 yearsCENTURY
___ off (fall asleep)NOD
Fraction of a joule (anagram of reg)ERG
Bus’s planned path with a number for shortRTE
Victim from Shakespeare’s OthelloCASSIO
*Slimy predatory worm that sucks bloodLEECH
Snowy ___ (Hedwig’s species)OWL
Cook of AppleTIM
Great Wall of China’s continentASIA
Net materialMESH
Film spoolREEL
Printer’s potion?INK
___ ball (white pool ball)CUE
London language for shortENG


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