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LA Times Crossword January 19 2024 Solutions

Framing pieceJAMB
Swiatek who won her fourth major singles championship in 2023IGA
Carding pre-entryIDING
Vineyard measureACRE
Russian dynastTSAR
West Coast NFLerNINER
Class reunion attendee whos in no ones yearbook?WEIRDALUM
Dried poblanoANCHO
Off the street in a wayGARAGED
Irish capitalEURO
Proper etiquette at the plate?HOMEDECORUM
Many of the Marshall IslandsATOLLS
Order memberNUN
Seldom seenRARE
Place for a mineral scrubSPA
Impulse behind the gift-giving in The Twelve Days of Christmas?PRESENTMOMENTUM
The __ in Me: Britney Spears memoirWOMAN
Senior advocacy groupAARP
Bank of China Tower architectPEI
Hot Wheels makerMATTEL
Discussion panel about sheets duvets blankets etc.?COVERSFORUM
Go out withSEE
Sang high notes?YODELED
Shopping aidsLISTS
Book supplements and an apt title for this puzzleADDENDUMS
Looks down?MOPES
Pharmacy orders informallyMEDS
Far offshoreASEA
Catch in a trapSNARE
Hindu title of respectSRI
Business review appYELP
Giant part of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeletonJAW
Big heart?ACE
Sports docs orderMRI
Part of an icy breakupBERG
Quran faithISLAM
Speedometer e.g.GAUGE
Set as an alarmARMED
Cookbook writer GartenINA
Make a meal ofDINEON
Run up as debtsINCUR
Jacket style named for an Indian leaderNEHRU
Best mans best friend oftenGROOM
Need for poiTAROS
Arlene of classic cinemaDAHL
Sturdy materialDENIM
Infield protectorsTARPS
Centipede platformATARI
Sponge featuresPORES
Guitar legend PaulLES
24/7 money sourceATM
Thurman of The ProducersUMA
__ QuixoteDON
Sports figuresSTATS
Blender settingPUREE
Washbasin jugEWER
NL East playerNAT
Tin alloyPEWTER
Grand Canyon rentalsMULES
Hymn finaleAMEN
Gibson garnishONION
Italian scooterVESPA
Bubbles upFOAMS
More eccentricODDER
__-wip: dessert toppingREDDI
June 6 1944DDAY
London-to-Paris dir.SSE
__ your head!USE
Airport code for Australias second largest cityMEL
Plant juiceSAP


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