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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,203 – Jan 18 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
, 15 & 16 Down & 25 Across Kingmaker hands title out one’s accepted — I thought that too! GREAT
Bishop replacing foremost of vicars in revolutionary West African capital NAIROBI
Challenge villain caught chasing good person STRETCH
Clue for hater to see different attitude CHANGEOFHEART
Conservative pursuing job with party as researcher? POSTDOC
Embarrassed a fake journalist ASHAMED
Fed story back to their studio ATELIER
Feeling round cog OPINION
Function of 27 by the sound of it SINE
Ignore following switch — it’s a perk of the job TRADEDISCOUNT
Initially, maybe Ayrton Senna’s gutted about car — this might make a flutter more attractive? MASCARA
Leading man, 29 making variable husband HERO
Lean on King and Queen, mind THINKER
Learning new role LORE
Leave shed TAKEOFF
Love Hearts cutting out sugar essentially NOTHING
Clues Answers
Paper having new article on first to invest in protective clothing business planned INTHEPIPELINE
Possibly saw Rob in retirement TOOL
Safer to retain company cleaner SCOURER
Second series following child in squalid part of town SKIDROW
See 13 Across MINDS
See 13 Across ALIKE
See 13 Across THINK
Some men go loco over perfume COLOGNE
Spoil 11 across — at last Mike reveals political ideology MARXISM
Starts to take stock after mostly hating cycling helmets TINHATS
Still organising heist with two teams ATTHESAMETIME
Strip show permitted inadvertent stroke? HOOK
Time as member of parliament for example BIRD
Tramp hiding in Greenwich Ikea HIKE
Turn up and compete week after opening of rifle range PURVIEW
Wrong to assume good character SIGN


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