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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,513 – Jan 18 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
Airborne soldier in suitable American gear APPARATUS
Alarm seeing lavatory bowl almost frozen PANIC
Bakes without opening ovens OASTS
Big inlet getting high tides, initially BIGHT
Bough with top of bough spread BRANCH
Calm, like wise person around university ASSUAGE
Car, until changed, contains black oil LUBRICANT
Child with nearly everything is perfect TOTAL
Clean home bothered fickle person CHAMELEON
Crew on board in vessel STEAMSHIP
Distant country it’s said CHILLY
Finished public school, reportedly EATEN
Free help with great paper TELEGRAPH
Get allies upset and pass law LEGISLATE
Glow surrounds religion’s first holy place SHRINE
Humorist is better having small heart PUNSTER
Clues Answers
Mass over sacred relic’s producing signs MARKS
Meadow grazed covered in greenery LEAFED
Oddly deep patches? DEPTHS
Old lady’s pet dog MASTIFF
Pardons laughter, somewhat, getting offensive ONSLAUGHT
Sense a battle over European cape AWARENESS
Sharpens head of tool being blunt HONEST
Shocking former sweetheart, guy hugs Romeo EXECRABLE
Splinter could be small and stiff SHARD
Star’s first with generous model SAMPLE
Stop state visit, finally AVERT
Thinks male takes liberties MUSES
This compiler’s left to provide meaning IMPORT
Topic of article covering Middle East THEME
Unusually green site is plain SERENGETI
Warne ran sneakily back taking catch ENSNARE


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