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Daily Themed Crossword November 1 2022 Answers

Daily Themed Crossword November 1 2022 Answers

Place for a facial 3 Letters SPA
Chat rooms before I forget: Abbr. 3 Letters BTW
Loud thud in cartoons 3 Letters BAM
Feel under the weather e.g. 3 Letters AIL
Eureka! 3 Letters AHA
___ matter of fact…: 2 wds. 3 Letters ASA
Paparazzi target for short 5 Letters CELEB
Pizza ___ (fast food chain) 3 Letters HUT
Kind of can 3 Letters TIN
Title post an altar visit perhaps 3 Letters MRS
___ Tierney Olympian American snowboarder who is a TikTok influencer 6 Letters MEGHAN
Based on ___ events… (movie disclaimer) 6 Letters ACTUAL
Siss sibling for short 3 Letters BRO
Kangas baby 3 Letters ROO
Color used on Easter eggs 3 Letters DYE
In-flight transit word 3 Letters VIA
Put your ___ where your mouth is 5 Letters MONEY
Bloated sense of self say 3 Letters EGO
Dim ___ (Chinese dish) 3 Letters SUM
Chloe ___ American snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist who is a TikTok influencer 3 Letters KIM
Vowels after A 3 Letters EIO
Distinct historical period 3 Letters ERA
Fleetwood ___ 3 Letters MAC
Opposite of disappear 6 Letters APPEAR
___ Knight American ice hockey forward who is a TikTok influencer 6 Letters HILARY
Security and surveillance body in the U.S.: Abbr. 3 Letters NSA
Wisdom tooth removal organization: Abbr. 3 Letters ADA
___ Brockovich Julia Roberts role in the eponymous film 4 Letters ERIN
Hummus accompaniment 4 Letters PITA
Author Wallace of Ben-Hur 3 Letters LEW
Luxury car with four rings as its logo 4 Letters AUDI
Like 2 4 or 6 e.g. 4 Letters EVEN
Ceiling hanging with blades 3 Letters FAN
S in OS for short 3 Letters SYS
Actor Reynolds of Deadpool 4 Letters RYAN
Cul-de-___ 3 Letters SAC
Apple or pecan e.g. 3 Letters PIE
Is that ___? 3 Letters ALL
Uncle Scrooges cry 3 Letters BAH
Rule of ___ 5 Letters THUMB
___ down (temper down) 5 Letters WATER
Word before salts or bomb 4 Letters BATH
Thailands continent 4 Letters ASIA
Singer Aimee who won the Grammy for Mental Illness 4 Letters MANN
Ostrichs kin 3 Letters EMU
Tom ___ American footballer who is a TikTok influencer 5 Letters BRADY
Like a fox from the fables 3 Letters SLY
Web address ending for federal bodies for short 3 Letters GOV
Tricep locale 3 Letters ARM
Thomas ___ (travel agency) 4 Letters COOK
Novelist Morrison of Sula 4 Letters TONI
Reaction on winning a lottery perhaps 3 Letters EEE
Oh ___: 2 wds. (got it) 4 Letters ISEE
Positive vibe from a person 4 Letters AURA
Actress Watson of Little Women 4 Letters EMMA
___ Antetokounmpo Greek professional basketball player 7 Letters GIANNIS
Sorry! my bad 4 Letters OOPS
Feb follower for short 3 Letters MAR
Length times breadth in a rectangle 4 Letters AREA
___ Hostetler Olympian American javelin thrower who is a TikTok influencer 5 Letters CYRUS
Rock ___ scissors 5 Letters PAPER
Fifty percent? 4 Letters HALF
Brainstorm session result 4 Letters IDEA
___ mower (grass-cutting device) 4 Letters LAWN
Mount ___ (Charley Weavers hometown) 3 Letters IDY
Poison ___ 3 Letters IVY
Earl Grey ___ 3 Letters TEA
___ Arbor city in Michigan 3 Letters ANN


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