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Crossword Champ Daily November 4 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 4 2022 Answers:

___orism is a real threat of these days TERR
Summer skin color TAN
___ tu (aria from Un ballo in maschera) ERI
Go back over a route RETRACE
(Spanish flowers) ROSAS
Giant slugger Mel OTT
___-Wan (Star Wars role) OBI
Thatcher or Churchill politically TORY
Affectedly dainty to Brits TWEE
Hindu sports drama APNE
B___ turn into vampires ATS
Rainbow maker PRISM
(Deciduous tree that rhymes with Lyssa) NYSSA
Big Bertha’s birthplace ESSEN
Mars (Prefix) AREO
Hair decoration BOW
Efforts attempts TRYS
Pesky insects NITS
Anger or fury IRE
Puncture sound SISS
Zipped file format RAR
King in Cádiz REY
Righto! YES
Envelope type SAE
Gather together: a___mble SSE
Not fair BIASED
Bangladesh people BOM
Movement that fought for a free Ireland (abbr) IRA
Less than average grades DEES
Hinduism’s supreme universal self ATMAN
Cookbook abbr TSP
Grampus ORC
Words of consent YESSES
Sp woman (Abbr) SRE
Toulouse evening SOIR
Comedienne West and others MAES
___ -mo camera SLO
Ending for ranch ERO
Drink garnish PEEL
Elimination ERASURE
Pickled delicacy EEL
Some musical notes LAS
Go to pieces LOSEIT
Like some meds OTC
Water tester TOE
Stephen of V for Vendetta REA
(What you do when plants get to big for their containers) REPOT
Charge RUNAT
Centric beginner ETHNO
Lost in Lille PERDU
Some flushes ROYALS
Bit of fluctuating falsetto YODEL
Colorado native UTE
Breathing procedure for an infant CPR
Photos briefly PICS
Uncle Ben’s RICE
Chariot rider of myth EOS
Dragsters’ grp NHRA
Afternoon prayer in Islam ASR
Roman 3 III
Internet provider (abbr) ISP
Lemons DUDS
Morse code bit DOT
Government pension org SSA
Working as a carpenter for so long caused the man’s h___ to become very rough ANDS
ER measurements CCS
Symposium topic for Plato EROS
(___ de France) TOUR
Calendar abbr AUG
‘___ smile be your umbrella” LETA


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