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Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 22, 2022

Author: Eugene Sheffer


Towering TALL
Fan’s cry RAH
Magic dragon PUFF
Balm ingredient ALOE
Chopper AXE
“Got it” ISEE
Ale, e.g. PUBORDER
Favorites PETS
Ambulance letters EMS
Peanut product OIL
Big buttes MESAS
Expert PRO
Life story BIO
Humorist Dave BARRY
Ties the knot MARRIES
Popular Asian cuisine THAI
Director Howard RON
Actress Gershon GINA
Cider apple WINESAP
Belted area WAIST
— Pérignon (French bubbly) DOM
London’s Big — BEN
Mob bosses CAPOS
Green shade PEA
Corp. money manager CFO
Per person APOP
Make a hard copy PRINTOUT
Viral video, e.g. MEME
Label TAG
Lisa’s brother BART
“NFL Live” airer ESPN
Soul, to Sartre AME


Race finish TAPE
Reunion attendee ALUM
High tennis shots LOBS
Author Tolstoy LEO
CBer’s device RADIO
Skater’s leap AXEL
“In — Shoes” (Cameron Diaz film) HER
Church keyboard PIPEORGAN
Applications USES
Greek cheese FETA
Own (up) FESS
Golfer McIlroy RORY
Soviet space station MIR
Used a crowbar on PRIEDOPEN
Prohibit BAN
“Incidentally,” to texters BTW
Sushi fish AHI
Campaigned RAN
Unruly hair MOP
Three, on a sundial III
USN rank ENS
Used a chair SAT
Zodiac animal RAM
“Mayday!” SOS
Withdraw gradually WEAN
Showed up CAME
Tarzan’s clique APES
Splendor POMP
Baby carriage PRAM
Furnace fuel COAL
PETA concerns FURS
Director Preminger OTTO
School org. PTA
TV schedule abbr. TBA

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