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The Sun Crossword Answers November 20, 2022


Small amount of comfort? CRUMB
Coming down a level between flights LANDING
Economise? It’s serving no purpose USELESS
Vessel, Old English, no kayak CANOE
Moving to Nicola’s place LOCATION
Courage shown by fool crossing river GRIT
Writer’s block: medicine needed TABLET
Jog and play boisterously in gym PROMPT
Enticement in Mumbai titillates BAIT
Ground rent at high level? CREVASSE
Lad secures a large reception room SALON
Visitors walk all over me! DOORMAT
Trio taken short in country road, finding toilet LATRINE
Gloomy bachelor in northern town SABLE
Cake fragment CRUMB
Touchdown LANDING
Incompetent USELESS
Paddled craft CANOE
Whereabouts LOCATION
Gravel GRIT
Pharmaceutical unit TABLET
On time PROMPT
Glacial fissure CREVASSE
Beauty parlour SALON
Hall floor saver DOORMAT
Camp convenience LATRINE
Small carnivore SABLE


Stunning success allowed in verse COUPLET
Flower unspoiled with head missing URE
Gill’s brief period of rest? BREATHER
Not wearing as much in class LESSON
Lovely French city NICE
Spreading organism devours posh twit IGNORAMUS
Good rate revised: fantastic! GREAT
Accountant with spirit rented vehicle CABRIOLET
Vicar welcomed by devout prior PREVIOUS
Time pressure on in dramatic setting THEATRE
Frost initially on hilltop in cold place FRIDGE
Man in lab is dishevelled BASIL
Social worker one political opponent ANTI
Crowd in Guantanamo Bay MOB
Two rhyming lines COUPLET
Yorkshire river URE
Instruction period LESSON
Agreeable NICE
Very large GREAT
Horse-drawn carriage CABRIOLET
Auditorium THEATRE
Kitchen cooler FRIDGE
Culinary herb BASIL
Voting against ANTI
Horde MOB

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