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Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Wager 3 letters BET
Chest muscle 3 letters PEC
Disconcert 4 letters FAZE
Frosts a cake 4 letters ICES
— carte 3 letters ALA
Slanted type (Abbr.) 4 letters ITAL
Author Harte 4 letters BRET
World Series org. 3 letters MLB
Bottle part 4 letters NECK
Poison shrub 5 letters SUMAC
That’s — need to know 4 letters ALLI
TV’s Romano 3 letters RAY
Op-ed pieces 6 letters ESSAYS
Gabbed 7 letters CHATTED
Tossed 5 letters THREW
Basil or thyme 4 letters HERB
Humorist 3 letters WIT
— good example 4 letters SETA
Devour 5 letters EATUP
Relate 7 letters PERTAIN
Scribe 6 letters WRITER
Sailor 3 letters TAR
Lacking slack 4 letters TAUT
Levitate 5 letters HOVER
Timber wolf 4 letters LOBO
Pen tip 3 letters NIB
Forbidden act 4 letters NONO
Envelope abbr. 4 letters ATTN
Today rival briefly 3 letters GMA
Amorphous mass 4 letters GLOB
AAA jobs 4 letters TOWS
Briny expanse 3 letters SEA
Mao — -tung 3 letters TSE
Shirt protectors 4 letters BIBS
Beige 4 letters ECRU
Abound 4 letters TEEM
The Office character 3 letters PAM
Scat queen Fitzgerald 4 letters ELLA
Monthly bill 5 letters CABLE
End a marathon with vigor 12 letters FINISHSTRONG
Chowed down 3 letters ATE
Efron of Parkland 3 letters ZAC
Wapiti 3 letters ELK
Printer activators 12 letters STARTBUTTONS
Jazz lover 3 letters CAT
D-Day vessel 3 letters LST
Evergreen tree 3 letters YEW
Bailiwick 4 letters AREA
Bigfoot’s cousin 4 letters YETI
Graceful bird 4 letters SWAN
Enjoy gum 4 letters CHEW
Get wind of 4 letters HEAR
Intro studio class 4 letters ARTI
Quick swim 3 letters DIP
Asian holiday 3 letters TET
Pot pie morsel 3 letters PEA
Fan’s cry 3 letters RAH
Ladder steps 5 letters RUNGS
Watch reading 4 letters TIME
Electric unit 4 letters VOLT
Seth’s son 4 letters ENOS
Judicial garb 4 letters ROBE
Long. crosser 3 letters LAT
Oklahoma tribe 3 letters OTO
Texter’s Incidentally 3 letters BTW

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