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Thomas Joseph Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Thomas Joseph Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Ring out 4 letters PEAL
Bulk 4 letters MASS
Devilfish 5 letters MANTA
Portion out 5 letters ALLOT
Famed fur tycoon 5 letters ASTOR
Egypt’s capital 5 letters CAIRO
Smells terrible 6 letters STINKS
Celtics’ org. 3 letters NBA
Head in France 4 letters TETE
Peddled 6 letters HAWKED
Cunning 3 letters SLY
Most loyal 6 letters TRUEST
Pencil part 5 letters POINT
Agreement 6 letters ASSENT
Mayo buy 3 letters JAR
Chiding sound 6 letters TSKTSK
Celtic letter 4 letters RUNE
Do — say! 3 letters ASI
Boxer Leon 6 letters SPINKS
Hint of color 5 letters TINGE
Protractor measure 5 letters ANGLE
Crooked 5 letters ASKEW
Small body of land 5 letters ISLET
Words of understanding 4 letters ISEE
Sediment 4 letters LEES
Soft hue 6 letters PASTEL
Being 6 letters ENTITY
Make amends 5 letters ATONE
Escapade 4 letters LARK
Buddy 3 letters MAC
In the style of 3 letters ALA
Moves stealthily 6 letters SLINKS
Icy dessert 6 letters SORBET
Ship poles 5 letters MASTS
Frog’s cousin 4 letters TOAD
Gets littler 7 letters SHRINKS
Uncle’s wife 4 letters AUNT
Dripping 3 letters WET
Foot features 4 letters TOES
Calif. hrs. 3 letters PST
St. Francis’s home 6 letters ASSISI
Little lizards 6 letters SKINKS
Tarzan’s home 6 letters JUNGLE
Leg ends 6 letters ANKLES
Stopwatch button 5 letters RESET
Toodle-oo! 4 letters TATA
Washer cycle 5 letters RINSE
Bucket 4 letters PAIL
Golly! 3 letters GEE

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