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Family Time – Nov 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Family Time – Nov 6 2022

Clues Answers
“And so on” ETC
“Raiders of the Lost ___” ARK
“Roots” writer HALEY
“The Princess and the ___” PEA
“Too bad!” ALAS
“___ It Be” (The Beatles song) LET
A chocoholic’s response to “Who wants a brownie?” (2 words) IDO
All ___ sudden (2 words) OFA
Australian birds EMUS
Back then AGO
Boxers’ hands FISTS
Cereal tiger TONY
Cheeky SASSY
Chesapeake and Hudson BAYS
City in Switzerland BASEL
Clean NEAT
Creature of the night BAT
Cured deli offerings HAMS
Degree for some CEOs MBA
Diplomacy TACT
Distort or twist SKEW
Fibber LIAR
Formerly ONCE
Grandma’s girls MOMS
Groups of seven SEPTETS
Grows older AGES
Has dinner SUPS
Has marzipan-covered prunes EATS
Have cravings YEN
Honey maker BEE
Honolulu’s island OAHU
Clues Answers
Knight’s title SIR
Lamb’s mother EWE
Large bag TOTE
Like a winding path SERPENTINE
Long steps STRIDES
Loophole, in contracts OUT
Marvel’s X-___ MEN
Merlin’s friend in “Finding Nemo” DORY
Newborn BABY
Night sight STAR
Not this but .. THAT
Person of equal standing PEER
Pig’s home STY
Prepares to start golfing (2 words) TEESUP
Pupil’s place EYE
Quite an amount (2 words) ALOT
Ready to pour (2 words) ONTAP
Remove, as a sentence DELETE
Sea eagle ERNE
Skirt style with a flare ALINE
Snake sound HISS
Swerve your boat off course YAW
Tennis court divider NET
Thing a bowling ball targets PIN
Tweak, like a story EDIT
Type of code AREA
Uncooked RAW
Unsophisticated person RUBE
Water around a castle MOAT
Word following “big” or “stubbed” TOE
___. Puff from “SpongeBob SquarePants” MRS


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