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Family Time – Nov 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Family Time – Nov 7 2022

Clues Answers
“And another thing …” ALSO
“Awesome!” EPIC
“E-” version of a novel (2 words) SOFTCOPY
“However …” BUT
“I knew it!” AHA
Able to transport, like a laptop PORTABLE
Accelerate an engine REV
All the actors CAST
Almost of voting age SEVENTEEN
Attacked from all sides BESET
Belonging to me and you OUR
Bolton from “High School Musical” TROY
Break a glass into pieces SHATTER
Camilo and Antonio, to Felix from “Encanto” SONS
Chase’s job in “PAW Patrol” COP
Cherishes as sacred ENSHRINES
Chicken pox symptom ITCH
Cold north wind BORA
Cold shipping hazards ICEBERGS
College course unit CREDIT
Consult, as a doctor SEE
Create characters on a screen TYPE
Creative thought IDEA
Criticize harshly RIP
Egg producer HEN
Enjoyed doughnuts covered with mustard ATE
Entrance to a gold mine ADIT
Flighty DITSY
Gained after taxes NETTED
General location AREA
Give the ending away RUIN
Clues Answers
Harden, like Jell-O SET
Heavy weight TON
Highly skilled ACE
Horrible smell ODOR
Horse’s leisurely pace LOPE
Immerse in sauce DIP
Like aching joints SORE
Noble title SIR
Office machines COPIERS
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
One word from Jack’s giant FIE
Ownership papers DEED
Part of an apple CORE
Person born in Manila FILIPINO
Person to hang out with PAL
Person your age PEER
Practiced before the performance REHEARSED
Precious DEAR
Put to work USE
Room over a bedroom, commonly ATTIC
Santa ___ (West Coast city) ANA
Saturn’s second-largest moon RHEA
School dining section CAFETERIA
Semi trucks RIGS
Shade of gray SLATE
Sporting sword EPEE
Stand to stand behind DAIS
Tear cabbage or papers SHRED
Words following “get” or “step” ONIT
Yaks’ home TIBET
Zoomed SPED


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