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Free Themed Crossword November 11 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Golfer’s green stroke 4 letters PUTT
Get away from 5 letters ELUDE
Viral malady 3 letters FLU
Arabic deity 5 letters ALLAH
Surgical light 5 letters LASER
Canon camera model 3 letters EOS
South African rocker or the name of one of his bands 11 letters MANFREDMANN
What Are You Doing New Year’s ___ 3 letters EVE
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates e.g. informally 8 letters STATEREP
Spots for castaways 5 letters ISLES
Above in poetry 3 letters OER
Stuff to breathe 3 letters AIR
Process part 4 letters STEP
Took in 3 letters ATE
___ chi (exercise regimen) 3 letters TAI
Musical Tori 4 letters AMOS
Shocked 5 letters INAWE
Repugnant 4 letters VILE
Car for hire 4 letters TAXI
Singer/songwriter with the 2015 platinum album Cry Baby 15 letters MELANIEMARTINEZ
First high school class for creative types 4 letters ARTI
Got on in years 4 letters AGED
Bruce ___ (Batman) 5 letters WAYNE
___ court (law school activity) 4 letters MOOT
Nitrogen e.g. 3 letters GAS
Musical tone before fa 3 letters SOL
Thames town 4 letters ETON
___ Moines (54-Down city) 3 letters DES
Drink suffix 3 letters ADE
Shirley Temple title role 5 letters HEIDI
Beholden 8 letters GRATEFUL
Spanish gold 3 letters ORO
Actress/TV personality who’s best known for marrying Donald Trump 11 letters MARLAMAPLES
Hubbub 3 letters ROW
Talk turkey e.g. 5 letters IDIOM
Spanish lasso 5 letters REATA
High-kite segue 3 letters ASA
Religious beliefs 5 letters DOGMA
Brief time periods 4 letters SECS
Dish for dinner 5 letters PLATE
___ nerve (funny bone) 5 letters ULNAR
Hartley’s legislative collaborator 4 letters TAFT
Put in jeopardy 8 letters THREATEN
Village leader 5 letters ELDER
DÊcor item 4 letters LAMP
Home of the brave (abbr.) 3 letters USA
Lion’s hangout 3 letters DEN
Muppet buddy of Bert 5 letters ERNIE
Have an inkling 4 letters FEEL
Adore 4 letters LOVE
Draws from 4 letters USES
Childish response 4 letters AMSO
It’s a Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Like some relationships 7 letters SPATIAL
Typical starter 5 letters SALAD
Rank or level 4 letters TIER
Sat in anticipation 7 letters AWAITED
Word in lots of newspaper names 5 letters TIMES
A lot 4 letters MANY
Yoked beasts 4 letters OXEN
Shirt tag info 4 letters SIZE
Muslim official 4 letters IMAM
Wicked Roman emperor 4 letters NERO
Cher vocally 4 letters ALTO
Shunner of animal products 5 letters VEGAN
Othello villain 4 letters IAGO
Meh! movie rating 8 letters TWOSTARS
Trousers line 4 letters SEAM
Meek 5 letters TIMID
Meaty movie 5 letters DRAMA
Insurance company with a duck in its ads 5 letters AFLAC
Musical couples 5 letters DUETS
Frozen sister 4 letters ELSA
Dance or time period depending on language 4 letters HORA
Greek counterpart of Cupid 4 letters EROS
State north of Missouri 4 letters IOWA
Stick (together) 4 letters GLOM
Fencing option 4 letters EPEE
Bustle 3 letters ADO
Pre-arrange dishonestly 3 letters RIG


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