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Daily Quick Crossword November 11 2022 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Joke 4 letters JEST
Slaughter 8 letters MASSACRE
Precious stone 7 letters DIAMOND
Aroma 5 letters ODOUR
Fold 5 letters PLEAT
Tinned 6 letters CANNED
Wealthier 6 letters RICHER
Vast desert of North Africa 6 letters SAHARA
Male goose 6 letters GANDER
Copious abundant 5 letters AMPLE
Once more 5 letters AGAIN
Mean medium 7 letters AVERAGE
Helped 8 letters ASSISTED
Solid fuel 4 letters COAL
Riding-breeches 8 letters JODHPURS
In reserve 5 letters SPARE
Kidnap 6 letters ABDUCT
Contempt 5 letters SCORN
Acute intestinal infection 7 letters CHOLERA
Republic of Ireland 4 letters EIRE
Container for liquid 6 letters BOTTLE
Goodbye 8 letters FAREWELL
Fancy neckwear 7 letters CRAVATS
Proverbs 6 letters ADAGES
Covered walk with shops 6 letters ARCADE
Ridges of sand 5 letters DUNES
Keyboard instrument 5 letters PIANO
Volcanic matter 4 letters LAVA


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