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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 1 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 1 2022 Answers:

Demonstration in favour of month on trial (75) 12 letters
Justify putting the French in the vehicle 5 letters CLEAR
A foolish time? 5 letters APRIL
I shall be in need of a doctor 3 letters ILL
Weak and apparently not prickly 9 letters SPINELESS
Nothing on the mountains but fruit? 6 letters ORANGE
Plain alleviation? 6 letters RELIEF
Fan is sent to restore indistinct appearance 9 letters FAINTNESS
Friend of father approaching 50 3 letters PAL
Trace packing box 5 letters CRATE
Gravity lacks it 5 letters GRAVY
Falser senses leading to intrepidity 12 letters
No place for a private secretary? (66) 12 letters PUBLICOFFICE
Which gives needle-sharp sight? 3 letters EYE
This drug it makes swollen 6 letters TURGID
Consciousness that a fight has a strange sense 9 letters AWARENESS
Heal about five in part of circle 5 letters CURVE
Sun fills Bess with joy 12 letters
Alice is out to get her 5 letters CELIA
Spot a prophet who likes to see things? 9 letters SIGHTSEER
Insinuate in a devilish way? 5 letters IMPLY
Compact but three miles long 6 letters LEAGUE
I assess as angry… 5 letters IRATE
…in harassing animal 3 letters ASS


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