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Irish News Quick Crossword November 1 2022 Answers

Irish News Quick Crossword November 1 2022 Answers:

Proportional 12 letters
Measuring instrument 5 letters METER
Corn 5 letters GRAIN
Decay 3 letters ROT
Fragrance 9 letters REDOLENCE
Economy 6 letters THRIFT
Game bird 6 letters GROUSE
Ill-fame 9 letters NOTORIETY
Enemy 3 letters FOE
Sully 5 letters STAIN
Assign 5 letters ALLOT
Unremittingly 12 letters
Penitence 12 letters
Newt 3 letters EFT
Long step 6 letters STRIDE
Evenly 9 letters REGULARLY
Coach 5 letters TRAIN
Beforehand 12 letters
Machine 5 letters MOTOR
Allusion 9 letters REFERENCE
Sick 5 letters UNFIT
Leave 6 letters DEPART
Commerce 5 letters TRADE
Falsehood 3 letters LIE


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