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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Rickety restraint put on sheep 10 letters RAMSHACKLE
Root of 1 Down 5 letters TUBER
Suitable footwear for one who can’t keep their feet? 7 letters SLIPPER
A follower that doesn’t let go 8 letters RETAINER
Make a circular call? 4 letters RING
Creature with partly laminated back 6 letters ANIMAL
Doctor gets long letters from the Far East 6 letters MONGOL
Time for detail 4 letters ITEM
What he says goes – on paper 8 letters DICTATOR
Gave a quick look and slid off 7 letters GLANCED
A fattening drink? 5 letters STOUT
Craftsman puts single mother and boy on the street 10 letters STONEMASON
Disprove awful brute 5 letters REBUT
Alarming on the edge 8 letters MARGINAL
Owns a number – so hurry! 6 letters HASTEN
The first murderer is able to take one in 4 letters CAIN
Bird gets friend up with flying apparatus 7 letters LAPWING
Looking intently at the leading player at night perhaps 10 letters STARGAZING
Rely on a guitar badly as a matter of habit 10 letters REGULARITY
100 taking examinations find competition 8 letters CONTESTS
Nice tax collection isn’t accurate 7 letters INEXACT
The virtue of this fellow is domesticity 6 letters WISDOM
A prickle from the north 5 letters THORN
An image for one to study 4 letters ICON

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