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Irish News Quick Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Irish News Quick Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Of trade 10 letters COMMERCIAL
Coral isle 5 letters ATOLL
Zulu spear 7 letters ASSEGAI
Meant 8 letters INTENDED
Record 4 letters DISC
Invisible 6 letters UNSEEN
Bloated 6 letters TURGID
Roguish 4 letters ARCH
Grumble 8 letters COMPLAIN
Exalted 7 letters EMINENT
Boxing ring 5 letters ARENA
Concerned 10 letters INTERESTED
Small farm 5 letters CROFT
Feign illness 8 letters MALINGER
Rubber 6 letters ERASER
Throw 4 letters CAST
Fishing 7 letters ANGLING
Handle 10 letters MANIPULATE
Concomitant 10 letters INCIDENTAL
Supersede 8 letters SUPPLANT
Division 7 letters SECTION
Abhor 6 letters LOATHE
In front 5 letters AHEAD
Measure 4 letters METE

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