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Universal Crossword Answers November 20, 2022

Author: by Rebecca Goldstein and Rafael Musa


Count in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” OLAF
“You haven’t ___ a day!” AGED
Wild guess STAB
Hotel room cost RATE
Campaign sign sites LAWNS
Tempo PACE
Property’s outer attractiveness CURBAPPEAL
KALLAX shelf unit seller IKEA
“Years and years ___ …” AGO
Greek X CHI
Like Kevin Jonas, among his brothers OLDEST
Pleasantly succinct SHORTANDSWEET
Concert memento STUB
One may be tipped in a saloon COWBOYHAT
Biomedical research funder: Abbr. NIH
Greek T TAU
Store lure SALE
Porous cleaning items SPONGES
Said hi to GREETED
Ellipse points FOCI
Kanga’s kid ROO
Author Anais NIN
People who are easy to read, aptly OPENBOOKS
Former Grand Kremlin Palace resident TSAR
Like spraying Silly String, in Mobile AGAINSTTHELAW
“Wait a second …” HANGON
Miner stuff ORE
“J to ___ L-O! The Remixes” (2002 album) THA
___ mater ALMA
Canal covers in winter? EARWARMERS
Solo at prom STAG
Radiance SHEEN
Babysitter’s handful BRAT
Bitter beer ingredient HOPS
Tacks on ADDS
Namesake of the world’s biggest tennis stadium ASHE


Whales in some Pacific Northwestern Indigenous art ORCAS
Chuckles LAUGHS
Essentially ATROOT
Black History Month in the U.S. FEB
Clothing company based in S.F. GAPINC
Ram’s partner EWE
“I just took a ___ test …” (Lizzo) DNA
Supernatural ability to detect impending danger SPIDEYSENSE
Cards that may be worth 11 ACES
“Don’t ___ around the bush” BEAT
Gradual buildup of anger SLOWBURN
Assume a power pose, say ACTBIG
Zodiac lion LEO
Results of committing to a bit, in comedy RUNNINGGAGS
Ellipsis point DOT
Free stuff at a convention SWAG
Pale or blond beverage ALE
Apple TV+’s “___ Lasso” TED
Leading ladies? HEROINES
Alternative to OAK and SJC SFO
Genre for Taylor Swift POP
Naval navigational aid OCEANMAP
“Any minute now” SOON
Indecisive choice EITHER
Approves OKS
Xiao long ___ (soup dumpling) BAO
Placed in the overhead bin STOWED
Adjusts the fit of ALTERS
Very enthusiastic RAHRAH
___ pride flag (light blue, pink and white symbol) TRANS
Result of haste, in an adage WASTE
Breakfast scramble HASH
Midrange voice ALTO
“Eureka!” AHA
___ velvet cake RED
Deg. for many an exec MBA

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