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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 2 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 2 2022 Answers:

It’s meant to have a catch in it 7 letters TRAWLER
Fitting support mostly 6 letters PROPER
First-class heading to column 7 letters CAPITAL
Unstable but accepted by the company 6 letters INFIRM
Make 21 happy? 6 letters PLEASE
What our ancestors left from their troubled times 8 letters HERITAGE
A priest a sycophant converted 8 letters PARASITE
Push learner initially and get a scoop 6 letters SHOVEL
Successfully retired? 6 letters ASLEEP
It’s up with mirth when there’s success around 7 letters TRIUMPH
Charles Roe initially is twice at the turning-point 6 letters CRISIS
The colonist who pays his debts 7 letters SETTLER
Honest and certainly not lying 7 letters UPRIGHT
Agree that 100 are in very good shape 7 letters CONFORM
The right bird to grieve over 6 letters REGRET
Emerge again to gather fruit 8 letters REAPPEAR
Can’t he serve without delay? 6 letters WAITER
Pass a form of 21 6 letters ELAPSE
Good order for pastry? (53) 8 letters APPLEPIE
Varied people who take the plunge and go east 7 letters DIVERSE
Speed is something to scorn 7 letters DESPISE
How much has to be paid for the attack? 6 letters CHARGE
A number tell female relation to be gone! 6 letters AVAUNT
Secure against loss for certain 6 letters ASSURE


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