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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 3 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 3 2022 Answers:

One who operates on the stock market (66) 12 letters
He is involved in a deceptive act 5 letters CHEAT
May be worn by nearly everybody near the beach 6 letters SANDAL
Musician to cope with we hear 6 letters HANDEL
The clue senor could be included in the envelope 9 letters ENCLOSURE
An electrical discharge used in nuclear chemistry 3 letters ARC
Row upon row will produce signs of unhappiness we hear 5 letters TIERS
I’m interrupting the lad a simple soul 5 letters SIMON
Now is the time for using this in literary work (75) 12 letters
Price lists read out in court (66) 12 letters
Arable land bound to be unfinished 3 letters LEA
How I should be finished off! 6 letters DOTTED
Revise the charge on a mooring place 9 letters ANCHORAGE
Some of the college lecturers earmarked to take office 5 letters ELECT
A race for the highest place in the church? 12 letters
Crime associated with a member of the firing squad? 5 letters ARSON
Oceans round strange shore will yield walruses 9 letters SEAHORSES
Depicted with a haggard look 5 letters DRAWN
Free from guilt that’s obvious 5 letters CLEAR
Floor covering lacking polish? 3 letters MAT


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