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Irish News Quick Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

Irish News Quick Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Additional 4 letters PLUS
Commotion 10 letters TURBULENCE
Administer 8 letters DISPENSE
Egg-shaped 4 letters OVAL
Agile 6 letters NIMBLE
Contusion 6 letters BRUISE
Fondle 6 letters CARESS
Vinegary 6 letters ACETIC
Exploit 4 letters FEAT
Supplement 8 letters APPENDIX
Container 10 letters RECEPTACLE
Twilight 4 letters DUSK
Lawful 10 letters LEGITIMATE
Cease 4 letters STOP
Fawn 6 letters CRINGE
Excellent 6 letters SUPERB
Determined 8 letters RESOLUTE
Soft wood 4 letters DEAL
Favourable 10 letters AUSPICIOUS
Respite 8 letters BREATHER
Sailor’s song 6 letters SHANTY
Bearing 6 letters ASPECT
Solid 4 letters FIRM
Require 4 letters NEED


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