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The Times Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

The Times Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

Only half of stores getting prompt delivery 6 letters RESCUE
Individual emulates retiring judge 8 letters SEPARATE
Honour a rebel leader admitting heightened depression 8 letters ACCOLADE
Runs remote IT equipment 6 letters ROUTER
Constrained style of book long dull volume with Gaelic appendix 10 letters BLANKVERSE
Assess age of fruit 4 letters DATE
Mineral box 4 letters SPAR
Virtual realm PC creates by expressing time irregularly 10 letters CYBERSPACE
Frantic detectives directed across river 10 letters DISTRAUGHT
Just less than a shilling to look after? 4 letters TEND
Cross US conflict zone returning from island 4 letters MANX
Convoluted message backing Communist blocks 10 letters MEANDERING
Clothes left out for Adelaide’s friend 6 letters COBBER
Right method introduced to smother rodent 8 letters DORMOUSE
Strategy for playing softly in percussion group 8 letters GAMEPLAN
Fine blade was first to pierce further 6 letters TOLEDO
Play shot with cue — it features down under 9 letters EUCALYPTI
See nothing out of place in examiner soothing singer 7 letters CROONER
Lady’s formal greeting reflected 3 letters EVA
Promise son to be in 5 letters SWEAR
A much-loved rogue journalist executed 11 letters PERPETRATED
Slightly overestimate assembly 7 letters ROUNDUP
Daily robbery? 5 letters THEFT
Mild avarice troubled leader in service 11 letters VICEADMIRAL
Buddhist’s heading for one to pray 3 letters BEG
Condemned in a second as was Jeanne d’Arc 9 letters CANONISED
Propose carrying Times article subject to official charges 7 letters TAXABLE
Upheaval due to stated limit on fossil fuel 7 letters TURMOIL
Where Plato met commander gathering troops? 5 letters AGORA
One who wrote poetry from a university hideaway 5 letters AUDEN
Go off tripe 3 letters ROT


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