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L.A. Times Daily – Apr 2 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“A Death in the Family” Pulitzer winner James AGEE
“All right already!” OKOK
“Anchors __”: Navy fight song AWEIGH
“Credit cards only” NOCASH
“Men never eat flaky pastry for brunch,” e.g.? QUICHECLICHE
“Not nice!” SOMEAN
“Queen Sugar” actress Lifford TINA
“Same here!” SODOI
“Scat!” BEATIT
“When the moon hits your eye” feeling AMORE
32-card game SKAT
4×4, briefly UTE
Abstract art pioneer Jean ARP
Add zest to, e.g SEASON
Associations TIES
Bath-loving Muppet ERNIE
Before long SOON
Beginning on ASOF
Blackjack card ACE
Box of donuts kept on ice? FROZENDOZEN
Brightness stats? IQS
Burden ONUS
California wine valley NAPA
Called “Shotgun!,” say HADDIBS
Campus list-makers DEANS
Capstones ACMES
Carol opener ADESTE
Cherry red CERISE
Chinese zodiac animal before the Ox RAT
Classic TV brand RCA
Club ingredient BACON
Coffee vessel with a broken handle? UNSAFECARAFE
Cold War initials USSR
Colorful Hindu festival HOLI
Comedian Richter ANDY
Competence in a specific field LITERACY
Corp. leader CEO
Cozy room DEN
D-Day fleet LSTS
Dublin-born singer/activist BONO
Earth, en español TIERRA
Faction SECT
Fish-to-be ROE
Follow logically ENSUE
Former Fed chair Bernanke BEN
German gent HERR
Go against DEFY
Goofs up ERRS
Greek salad topper FETA
Grounds crew concern TURF
H.H. Munro’s pen name SAKI
Hearth debris ASHES
Increase ADDTO
Interspersed with AMONG
Labyrinth MAZE
Last name of acting sisters Rooney and Kate MARA
Last name of NBA brothers Steph and Seth CURRY
Leak slowly SEEP
Lenny’s pal on “Laverne & Shirley” SQUIGGY
Like non-oyster months, traditionally RLESS
Like some chardonnay barrels OAKEN
Lobster soup that’s a little too spicy? RISQUEBISQUE
Luca of “The Godfather” BRASI
Male deer HART
Man of La Mancha SPANIARD
Manga made for adolescent girls SHOJO
Map collection ATLAS
Matthew of HBO’s “Perry Mason” RHYS
Media revenue source ADSALE
Mesoamerican pyramid builders MAYAS
Metallic finish? HARDC
Microwave alert BEEP
Mine extraction ORE
Mystery writer Nevada BARR
Native Nebraskans OTOES
Neutral tone ECRU
Nightie fabric SATIN
Not on edge ATEASE
Novelist Erdrich LOUISE
Obj. of identity theft SSN
Objectives ENDS
One more time YETAGAIN
One of 10 in Exodus PLAGUE
One of the fam SIS
OPEC member UAE
Org. with an elephant mascot GOP
Papier-mâché party item PINATA
Pastoral sound NEIGH
Pay attention to HEED
Pelee Island’s Great Lake ERIE
Persia, today IRAN
Place to retire BED
Potato pancake LATKE
Remote hiding place? SOFA
Result of an orchard’s promotional deal with a bakery? FRUITBISCUIT
Ringlet CURL
Root beer eponym BARQ
Rule for adding toppings to french fries? POUTINEGUIDELINE
Russian turndown NYET
Sashimi fish AHITUNA
School domain EDU
Scouring pad brand SOS
Sign of aging RUST
Sings soothingly CROONS
Sketches DRAWS
Skipping school TRUANT
Skye of “La Brea” IONE
Sledding spot SLOPE
Solstice mo DEC
Some 1980s Chryslers KCARS
Some British peers EARLS
Some sheep EWES
Squirt __ GUN
Still competing INIT
Striped stone AGATE
Stunning defeat ROUT
Surname of two British prime ministers PITT
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Take turns? STEER
Takes down NOTES
Talk enthusiastically in a nerdy way GEEKOUT
Teahouse mat TATAMI
Tee preceder ESS
Timeline units ERAS
Trauma ctrs ERS
Traveling puppet show featuring talking melons? CANTALOUPETROUPE
Unconventional spot for breadmaking? DOUGHTROUGH
United ONE
Video-sharing site YOUTUBE
Vigoda of “Fish” ABE
Website known for feminist cultural criticism JEZEBEL
Wedding party BRIDE
Whirlybirds, for short COPTERS
Wood-shaping tool LATHE
Writer: Abbr AUTH
Zipped SPED
Zipped again RESEALED
__ de cologne EAU
__ of yore DAYS
__ print FINE
__ service LIP


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