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L.A. Times Daily – Nov 10 2022 Crossword Answers

L.A. Times Daily – Nov 10 2022

Clues Answers
“How cool!” NEATO
“Midnight Cowboy” hustler RATSO
“Phooey!” of yore FIE
“Smack That” rapper AKON
“Stick to the script!” elicitor ADLIB
“The Absinthe Drinker” painter MANET
“__ Dalloway” MRS
2012 winner of six Grammys ADELE
Activewear retailer named for a South American region PATAGONIA
Airborne mystery UFO
Attire for a Zoom game night, maybe PJS
Barbershop part TENOR
Birmingham baby buggy PRAM
Birthplace of LeBron James and Steph Curry AKRON
Blockbuster player? VCR
Bout ender, briefly TKO
Bracelet place ANKLE
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Card game with a Moo! version for preschoolers UNO
Casey who voiced Shaggy on “Scooby-Doo” KASEM
Certain SURE
Court figs DAS
Disney souvenir feature EARS
Exciting escape room discovery KEY
Financial obligations DEBTS
Fishbowl fish GUPPY
Folklore beasts OGRES
Go unused SIT
Grows tiresome PALLS
Highway division LANE
Jabbers YAKS
Jaromír who scored the second-most points in NHL history JAGR
Kemper of “The Office” ELLIE
Kitchen accessory PARER
Mantra syllables OMS
Moderate running pace JOG
Clues Answers
Mystical glow AURA
Nectar flavor PEAR
Nevada copper town ELY
Note from one who’s shy? IOU
On occasion SOMETIMES
Parodied APED
Physics Nobelist Bohr NIELS
Places for legends? MAPS
Pranks GAGS
Proving ground TESTSITE
Roofing choice TILE
Set free UNTIE
Showed again RERAN
Skating gold medalist Ohno APOLO
Sked info ETA
Sprite ELF
Summer sign LEO
Sympathetic case POORSOUL
Talk hoarsely RASP
They may be flat FEES
Tourist helper LOCAL
Trade between a football coach and a candymaker? PLAYSFORASUCKER
Trade between a hairstylist and a computer retailer? BOBSFORAPPLES
Trade between a lingerie shop owner and a utility manager? JOCKEYSFORPOWER
Trade between a plastic surgeon and a game store owner? ANOSEFORTROUBLE
Trade between an opinion writer and a bus driver? TAKESFORARIDE
Tranquil CALM
Transfix AWE
Turn on an axis PIVOT
Twist facts LIE
Twist-top snacks OREOS
Want from ASKOF
Welsh dog CORGI
Wind similar to a piccolo FIFE
Words to live by TENET


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