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Universal – Nov 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Universal – Nov 10 2022

Clues Answers
“Curiouser and curiouser!” speaker ALICE
“Here’s when I’ll show up” letters ETA
“I wish I ___ done that” HADNT
“OMG a bug!” EEK
“Relax, soldier” ATEASE
“___ even stand a chance?” DOI
*”Tattooed Man at a Carnival” photographer DIANEARBUS
*Award-winning writer and director of “Lost in Translation” SOFIACOPPOLA
*Game-winning scorer in the Olympic Women’s Soccer finals in 2008 CARLILLOYD
2, 4, 6, 8, etc EVENS
Actress Edie whose surname anagrams to “focal” FALCO
Anna’s sister in “Frozen” ELSA
As desired, in recipes TOTASTE
Author Lalami LAILA
Auto CAR
Baby’s first word, sometimes MAMA
Back muscle, informally LAT
Basil or cilantro HERB
Biting African fly TSETSE
Bitter beer ALE
Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse TOON
Choreography units STEPS
Claudius’ successor NERO
D.C. legislator SEN
Difference between 9 and 10 ONE
Driving accessory? TEE
Finale END
Fishing rod attachment REEL
Flatbread cooked on a tava CHAPATI
French for “friend” AMI
Furry aquatic mammal OTTER
Futbol cheer OLE
Golf course goal PAR
Green prefix ECO
Hair or carpet style SHAG
Hide and ___ SEEK
Hookup for electric instruments AMP
Hopeless case GONER
Clues Answers
Huge BIG
Humanlike robot DROID
Ideal blackjack combo ACETEN
Indigenous NATIVE
Jason’s ship ARGO
Jazz style BEBOP
Landscaping tool EDGER
Lansbury who will appear posthumously in “Glass Onion” ANGELA
Like traits you’re born with INNATE
Loki’s adoptive father ODIN
Look over again REREAD
Maine winter hrs EST
Mediator’s asset TACT
Medicinal fluids SERA
Meteor that might be wished upon … and a literal hint to the asterisked clues’ answers SHOOTINGSTAR
Nebraska’s most populous city OMAHA
Not new OLD
Number of people in a trio THREE
Overhead light? HALO
Parmesan shredder GRATER
Phishing, e.g SCAM
Pick up the tab TREAT
Pickle container JAR
Population-counting survey CENSUS
Rarin’ to go EAGER
Sculpt a body? CHISEL
Sheer joy GLEE
Single-celled creature AMOEBA
Steep, in a way PRICEY
Surgery marks SCARS
Task organizers with checkboxes TODOLISTS
Throw out forcefully EJECT
Tiniest U.S. coins DIMES
Trendy berry ACAI
Up for discussion DEBATABLE
Word before “chip” or “cheese” NACHO
___ for tat TIT


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