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L.A. Times Daily – Nov 12 2022 Crossword Answers

L.A. Times Daily – Nov 12 2022

Clues Answers
” … to so __”: Churchill FEW
“Get Smart” org KAOS
“Joy Shtick” writer BEHAR
“Mic Drop” band BTS
“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” novelist See LISA
“Spring the trap!” NOW
“The Kiss” painter KLIMT
“This just isn’t working” WEHAVETOBREAKUP
“Très __” BIEN
“__ luck!” LOTSA
Advance LEND
Ancient language in which “ir” means “the” OLDWELSH
Arranges for deferred payment RUNSATAB
Balm of Gilead, for one RESIN
Be of use SERVE
Big name in racing ANDRETTI
Bit of needlework TATTOO
Blackjack combo ACETEN
Briefly appeared GLEAMED
Clod OAF
Company whose logo is interlocking tuning forks YAMAHA
Console with Party and Fit games WII
Continental rider’s purchase, once EUROPASS
Dance company founder Ailey ALVIN
Exploit a position of trust FEATHERONESNEST
First name of two Spice Girls MEL
First of many steps FROMATOB
Fragrance assortment, e.g GIFTSET
Generic confrontation USVSTHEM
Getting agitated RILING
Go where one shouldn’t PRY
Clues Answers
Go __ APE
Higher ed. hurdle GRE
Hitch SNAG
Island nation in Oceania KIRIBATI
Kinsey research focus SEX
Lesser number? BSIDE
Long way to go? LIMORIDE
Mad magazine caricaturist Drucker MORT
Missouri’s Cori Bush, e.g.: Abbr REP
Nabisco name since 1967 NILLA
Part of an outmoded garage set TIREIRON
Peppers between jalapeño and tabasco on the Scoville scale SERRANOS
Porter, for one BEARER
Quenya or Sindarin, in fiction ELVISH
Radio control AMDIAL
Ring-necked bird PHEASANT
River valley known for Riesling RHINE
Security element that may be detected by Silly String TRIPWIRE
Show mastery of SHINEAT
Small sailing ship CARAVEL
Smartwater rival NAYA
Squanders BLOWS
Stabilizing components KEELS
Stable gear TACK
Superficial GLIB
Symbolic 100% PIE
Unpopular debuts of 1957 EDSELS
Very hot celestial orbs OSTARS
Vestige DREG
Waiting expectation ORDER
Wild party RAGER
Workout focus CORE
__ bar WET


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