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New York Times – Nov 12 2022 Crossword Answers

New York Times – Nov 12 2022

Clues Answers
‘Correct!’ YOUGOTIT
‘Ice Cream of the Future’ DIPPINDOTS
‘Krazy ___’ (comic strip that influenced ‘Calvin and Hobbes’) KAT
‘Minnesota March’ composer SOUSA
‘Oh, I’m on next!’ THATSMYCUE
‘Travel’ for someone who’s feeling bad? GUILTTRIP
‘Uh … in a way …’ KINDASORTA
‘What else …?’ AND
‘You’re doing it all wrong!’ STOP
Actor Siriboe of ‘Queen Sugar’ KOFI
Apt shoe for a plumber? CLOG
Big ___ (Red Sox nickname) PAPI
Certain cookie spinoff OREOTHIN
Common symbol in a rebus EYE
Conflict with fighting HOTWAR
Course, in college-speak UNIT
De ___ manera (elsewise: Sp.) OTRA
Dessert served in a boat BANANASPLIT
Does a background check on VETS
Dog in ‘The Thin Man’ ASTA
Encounter RUNIN
Fill, as a moving van LOADUP
Fuzzy fruit that’s technically a berry KIWI
Get to ANNOY
Grammy-winning actress Carrere TIA
Headquarters BASE
Hernandez of Team USA gymnastics LAURIE
High-level classes ELITES
Hollywood’s Ryan MEG
Hopeless NOUSE
It resurfaces after 20 minutes ZAMBONI
It’s left on a major highway PASSINGLANE
Juice cleanse, e.g FADDIET
Clues Answers
Just awful, with ‘the’ PITS
LED component? DIODE
Like most athletes AGILE
Line of jeans? INSEAM
Lines on a map: Abbr RDS
Lose one’s posse GOSOLO
Loutish one BOOR
Many a population fig EST
Not willing to stoop to ABOVE
November 13, e.g IDES
One growing up in a cave? STALAGMITE
Pamper to a fault, with ‘on’ DOTE
Peter or Paul, but not Mary TSAR
Platform for a modern job interview ZOOMMEETING
Political pamphlets TRACTS
Pop open, perhaps UNCAP
Present, for one TENSE
Previously NEE
Refuse to squeal NAMENONAMES
Sci. class for accelerated H.S. students APCHEM
Small matter ATOM
Small role in a superhero movie? ANTMAN
Some budget graphics PIES
Southwestern city that produces most of the U.S.’s Snickers bars WACOTEXAS
Supergirl, e.g ALIEN
Time when it helps to be flexible YOGASESSION
Title subject of a best-selling 1997 memoir MORRIE
Toss-up? LOB
Unionizes? WEDS
Variety of agate ONYX
Where polo was invented IRAN
Within reach ATHAND
Word with top or tin HAT
[!!!] OMG


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