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NetWord Crossword Answers November 02, 2022

Author: by Bruce Venzke


Just barely acceptable SOSO
Online periodical, for short EMAG
Keen-edged SHARP
Eden resident ADAM
Tra __ (song syllables) LALA
Color shadings TINTS
Prefix for bucks or bytes MEGA
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Poker entry fees ANTES
Performer of rap music HIPHOPARTIST
Whole bunch SCADS
Pose for a portrait SIT
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO
Shakespearean king LEAR
Bus terminal DEPOT
Up __ (stymied) ATREE
With 42 Across, dietician’s advice NEVERSKIP
Woman with a niece AUNT
Prefix meaning “recent” NEO
Spot of land in a sea ISLE
See 36 Across BREAKFAST
“All kidding __ . . .” ASIDE
Twangy-sounding, as speech NASAL
Brain scans: Abbr. EEGS
Hair goo GEL
__ Holiness (papal title) HIS
Roaring felines LIONS
At a forward-thinking advantage ONEJUMPAHEAD
One of Santa’s reindeer VIXEN
Square footage AREA
Dinner companion DATE
“It’s the end of __” ANERA
Thailand’s former name SIAM
Villainous EVIL
Doesn’t have LACKS
The fourth planet MARS
Lagoon’s coral barrier REEF


4th of July Uncle SAM
Verse of tribute ODE
Droop SAG
Nebraska’s largest city OMAHA
Pass by, as time ELAPSE
Pulverize, as potatoes MASH
Dog Chow alternative ALPO
Sounds of fright GASPS
Soup or salad, on a menu STARTER
Helpful suggestion HINT
Opposite of pro- ANTI
GPS paths RTES
Attention-getting sound PSST
Inactive IDLE
Personal assistant AIDE
The sixth planet SATURN
Eyeball covering CORNEA
Discontinued Swedish auto SAAB
Quindlen or Paquin ANNA
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Greek letters resembling pitchforks PSIS
Thumb-and-forefinger approval OKSIGN
Squiggly Spanish symbols TILDES
When trains are due: Abbr. ETAS
Cast a ballot VOTE
Banana discard PEEL
Hawaiian big shots KAHUNAS
__-flam (con game) FLIM
Cambodia’s continent ASIA
Shines subtly GLEAMS
Muscle twitch SPASM
More unusual ODDER
Roundish shape OVAL
Pinta’s sister ship NINA
Quick tug JERK
Operatic solo ARIA
Find out about HEAR
GPS line AVE
Place a knot in TIE
North Pole assistant ELF


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