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NetWord Crossword Answers November 03, 2022

Author: by Chris Gross


Saucer shapes DISCS
India’s Capital Territory DELHI
Fall (over) TIP
__-proof (easy to operate) IDIOT
Really liked ATEUP
Basis of some vaccines RNA
Chili essential KIDNEYBEANS
Proxy, briefly AGT
Irish version of Edmond EAMON
How some sweatshirts are made HOODED
Trade alliance abbr. ASSN
Highly efficient LEAN
Approaching NEAR
Empty talk ROT
It may get into a jam BOYSENBERRY
Self-evident CLEAR
Rainbowlike ARCED
It connects to the femur HIPBONE
Felonious faking FORGERY
Any authoritative volume BIBLE
Actress Zellweger RENEE
What Ebert thought was Fellini’s finest film LADOLCEVITA
Trade name abbr. DBA
Awards acronym EGOT
Umpteen MANY
Soup thickener AGAR
Topped with tiny rocks SALTED
Pro fight site ARENA
Largest MO airport STL
Accessory for ’80s joggers SONYWALKMAN
Gloater’s shout OHO
Frat letter THETA
Old Testament monarchy SHEBA
Carpet surface NAP
Family guy DADDY
Something owned ASSET


Cartoonist Browne DIK
Oscar role for Forest IDI
Skillfully evade SIDESTEP
Middle name of detective fiction CONAN
Arise (from) STEM
Actor Coleman DABNEY
Bastille Day season ETE
Field for a flock LEA
“What was that?” HUNH
__ facto IPSO
Medium of exchange? TRADER
Out of neutral, as a car INGEAR
Towel gently PATDRY
“Seize the day” text YOLO
Agitated ONEDGE
Shoe support ARCH
Operatic showcases SOLI
Loose-goose link ASA
Foam ball brand NERF
Oven setting BROIL
Sgt. maj., for example NCO
Often-quoted catcher BERRA
“Who’s on First?” straight man ABBOTT
Comcast network NBC
Late-stage play ENDGAMES
Musical McEntire REBA
Four quarters YEAR
NASA excursion EVA
Instructive example LESSON
First name of detective fiction AGATHA
Smidge of sour cream DOLLOP
Sort of INAWAY
Model Banks TYRA
Pharaohs’ crosses ANKHS
Ever since, for short ESTD
Capital on the Persian Gulf DOHA
“Frozen” queen ELSA
“Simpsons” neighbor NED
Letters on payslips YTD
“Simpsons” grandpa ABE
DC ballplayer NAT


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