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NetWord Crossword Answers November 04, 2022

Author: by Winston Emmons


Trying to be ALA
“Pretty” name BELLA
Harsh sound BRAY
Theater tier LOGE
From port to starboard ABEAM
Heckled RODE
Numerical suffix TEEN
FDR VP John __ Garner NANCE
Chances often taken ODDS
Expression of indifference IWOULDNTKNOW
Lose it FREAK
Keep talking RUNON
Needing training GREEN
Expression of indifference WHATEVER
Price of admission FEE
Comparison with a colon RATIO
Gaming giant SEGA
Unreliable source LIAR
Expression of indifference SHRUG
Cable car kin TRAM
Cicero’s existence ESSE
Beyond unexpected EERIE
Dearborn and LaSalle, in Chi STS
Expression of indifference WHOCARES
Heard all too often TRITE
“Today is the last day of __ past”: Yeltsin ANERA
Cheery sounds TRALA
Expression of indifference ITISWHATITIS
Pole, for example SLAV
Type of columns supporting the Parthenon DORIC
Press secretary, e.g. AIDE
Field trip of a sort HIKE
Choose to hold office ELECT
Tech review website CNET
What a date ends with YEAR
Icy fields RINKS
Premium purchase GAS


Choral contingent, to conductors ALTI
Theater magnate and MGM cofounder LOEW
Thomas Paine topic AGEOFREASON
Colorful neckwear BANDANAS
Online loan source EBANK
Shrove Tuesday follower LENT
Insufficiency LACK
Egyptian sun god AMENRA
How set-for-max toast comes out BROWNEST
Shape of some pretzels ROD
Put into the mix ADD
“Just what I was hoping for!” YES
Get used (to) ENURE
Sideways look LEER
Not at home, or call at home OUT
Making too much of OVERSTATING
Neutralize NEGATE
Kimono-clad dancer GEISHA
Strands inside walls WIRES
Customary time HOUR
Barrels into RAMS
Seemed to go quickly FLEW
What Ahab called the whale THEE
Radio, for instance RECEIVER
Digestive system parts GITRACTS
Part of QED ERAT
High school class ART
Pirate or bandit RAIDER
Ending for sacro- ILIAC
Close together THICK
1 Down performances SOLI
Little singer WREN
Innovation initiation IDEA
Becomes fixed SETS
Averse to first moves SHY
Be situated LIE
Nickname preceder, at times AKA


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