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USA Today Crossword Answers November 01, 2022

Author: by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano %26 Brooke Husic


“Zero, zip, zilch”NADA
Kind of seed on some bunsSESAME
___ and don’tsDOS
Like this clue’s numberEVEN
Eloquent speakerORATOR
“when will u get here?”ETA
Ethernet alternativeWIFI
Western state whose name means “snow-covered” in SpanishNEVADA
Georgia’s capital, for shortATL
Rounded feature of many mosquesDOME
Apple’s centerCORE
Pub drinksALES
Sanskrit chant for those seeking illuminationGAYATRIMANTRA
Apt rhyme for “net” in tennisLET
Get readyPREP
Leave outOMIT
Nonfiction piece such as “The Case for Reparations”ESSAY
Light emitted by underwater organismsBIOLUMINESCENCE
Underwater navigation aidSONAR
Nickname for meemawNANA
Folding bedsCOTS
Charitable group such as CARE International (Abbr.)NGO
___ Paulo, BrazilSAO
Rich and buttery cheese curryPANEERMAKHANI
“Doggone it”DARN
Totals upADDS
Lychee centerPIT
Spirits who grant wishesGENIES
Hit right on the markNAIL
Pre-holiday nightEVE
Car-radio buttonPRESET
“Say it ain’t so!”OHNO
Chili oil colorRED
Stir-frying potsWOKS


The “N” in NH or NJNEW
Clear up, like a cloudy windshieldDEFOG
Channel with wildlife documentariesANIMALPLANET
Simba, to MufasaSON
Build from the ground upERECT
Really relishSAVOR
Pong companyATARI
Web access devicesMODEMS
Notable time periodERA
Handed out playing cardsDEALT
Cute river animalOTTER
Taco truck dipSALSA
Body part with a lidEYE
“Wait for it . . .”ANYSECONDNOW
Basic unit in chemistryATOM
Actor and comedian MapaALEC
“Nova” channelPBS
River, in SpanishRIO
Extra-long time periodEON
60 seconds (Abbr.)MIN
Once ___ whileINA
Number worn by Sue BirdTEN
___-Caps (candy)SNO
Stage play partACT
___/no questionYES
Accessory that holds Girl Scout badgesSASH
Requests from the menuORDERS
Little battery sizeAAA
Origami materialPAPER
“What a time to be ___!”ALIVE
Jotted downNOTED
Luxurious heads of hairMANES
Come upARISE
Some roller derby pads protect themKNEES
Boise’s stateIDAHO
Place to wash upSINK
School transcript statGPA
Ave. crossersSTS
Selena y ___ Dinos (Tejano band)LOS


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