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USA Today Crossword Answers November 01, 2022

Author: by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano %26 Brooke Husic


“Zero, zip, zilch” NADA
Kind of seed on some buns SESAME
___ and don’ts DOS
Like this clue’s number EVEN
Eloquent speaker ORATOR
“when will u get here?” ETA
Ethernet alternative WIFI
Western state whose name means “snow-covered” in Spanish NEVADA
Georgia’s capital, for short ATL
Rounded feature of many mosques DOME
Apple’s center CORE
Pub drinks ALES
Sanskrit chant for those seeking illumination GAYATRIMANTRA
Apt rhyme for “net” in tennis LET
Sneaky SLY
Get ready PREP
Leave out OMIT
Nonfiction piece such as “The Case for Reparations” ESSAY
Light emitted by underwater organisms BIOLUMINESCENCE
Underwater navigation aid SONAR
Nickname for meemaw NANA
Folding beds COTS
Charitable group such as CARE International (Abbr.) NGO
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
Rich and buttery cheese curry PANEERMAKHANI
“Doggone it” DARN
Totals up ADDS
Lychee center PIT
Spirits who grant wishes GENIES
Hit right on the mark NAIL
Pre-holiday night EVE
Car-radio button PRESET
“Say it ain’t so!” OHNO
Chili oil color RED
Appraise ASSESS
Stir-frying pots WOKS


The “N” in NH or NJ NEW
Hyperenthusiastic AVID
Clear up, like a cloudy windshield DEFOG
Channel with wildlife documentaries ANIMALPLANET
Simba, to Mufasa SON
Build from the ground up ERECT
Really relish SAVOR
Pong company ATARI
Web access devices MODEMS
Notable time period ERA
Handed out playing cards DEALT
Cute river animal OTTER
Taco truck dip SALSA
Body part with a lid EYE
“Wait for it . . .” ANYSECONDNOW
Basic unit in chemistry ATOM
Actor and comedian Mapa ALEC
“Nova” channel PBS
River, in Spanish RIO
Extra-long time period EON
60 seconds (Abbr.) MIN
Once ___ while INA
Number worn by Sue Bird TEN
___-Caps (candy) SNO
Stage play part ACT
___/no question YES
Craving URGE
Accessory that holds Girl Scout badges SASH
Requests from the menu ORDERS
Little battery size AAA
Origami material PAPER
“What a time to be ___!” ALIVE
Jotted down NOTED
Luxurious heads of hair MANES
Come up ARISE
Some roller derby pads protect them KNEES
Boise’s state IDAHO
Place to wash up SINK
School transcript stat GPA
Ave. crossers STS
Selena y ___ Dinos (Tejano band) LOS


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