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USA Today Crossword Answers November 02, 2022

Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Fail to get the W LOSE
Animal symbol of Rastafari LION
Sudan-to-Egypt direction NORTH
Uppermost point APEX
Area equal to about 200 feet by 200 feet ACRE
In the loop AWARE
Vegetable that makes pickled turnips pink BEET
Something lawyers have to do to get licensed PASSTHEBAR
Chatted privately online DMED
Quick jotting NOTE
Contractor’s submission BID
Sound from a bull SNORT
Permits entry to ADMITS
It has yellow flesh and black seeds GOLDKIWIFRUIT
Suffix for “lemon” or “Power” ADE
Go paperless on Tax Day EFILE
Heating pad target ACHE
Low-visibility conditions FOGS
Porcelain coating ENAMEL
Strange ODD
Like churros and tonkatsu FRIED
Thumbs-down vote NAY
Chinese for “thunder” LEI
___ Lauder ESTEE
Red tag events SALES
Conclude END
Creme ___ creme DELA
Great Lake with a lot of walleye ERIE
Thumbs-up vote AYE
Tadpole’s home POND
One who sees the future ORACLE
It represents a departed loved one on an ofrenda SUGARSKULL
Egg on GOAD
Picture IMAGE
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Like Rapunzel’s hair LONG
Like well-worn jeans FADED
Headline material NEWS
Parafencing sword EPEE


Science room LAB
Guest columnist’s piece OPED
Sarcastic response to an obvious scam SEEMSLEGIT
Lengthen EXTEND
Spot for a sitting kitten LAP
Resigned exclamation ICANTWIN
“. . . ish” ORSO
Home in a tree NEST
“I’m good, thanks” NAH
Have to pay back OWE
Quick internet lookup that somehow leads to two hours of reading about the Shmoo, for example RABBITHOLE
Hair color is one TRAIT
Groups of cattle HERDS
Okey-___ DOKE
Widespread RIFE
___ citizens DUAL
Karaoke prop MIC
Embarrassing blunder GAFFE
Unpleasant smells ODORS
“Broad City” star Glazer ILANA
Like fillies and mares FEMALE
The Garden of ___ EDEN
Tournament ranking SEED
“Here we go again” looks EYEROLLS
“What ___ you expect?” DID
Burgundy or ruby DEEPRED
Became clear SANKIN
Title for a knight SIR
Dia de ___ Muertos LOS
Bird on Zambia’s flag EAGLE
“Dream on!” ASIF
Arizona’s “Sunniest City on Earth” YUMA
“Good heavens!” EGAD
Chicken’s home COOP
Track meet assignment LANE
Small advantage EDGE
One, for a newborn in Korea AGE
“Friends in ___ Places” LOW


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