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USA Today Crossword Answers November 03, 2022

Author: by Rafael Musa


Group workout with exercise bikes SPINCLASS
They’re lit for the Mid-Autumn Festival CHINESELANTERNS
Expert in harnessing atomic energy NUCLEARENGINEER
Word before a maiden name NEE
Tupperware top LID
Slithery sea creature EEL
Paste made from taro POI
___ school (doctors’ training) MED
“Parks and ___” REC
Less risky SAFER
Degree held by some professors PHD
Leafy dish SALAD
Do a 180, for example TURN
Performs salah PRAYS
Part in a play ROLE
Rideshare stat ETA
Monitors carefully KEEPSTABSON
Contemplate PONDER
Dispense from a jug POUR
Plaything TOY
Family KIN
Matching up SYNCING
Crops with altered DNA GMOS
Furious MAD
Maker of K-Cups KEURIG
Priyanka Chopra’s husband NICKJONAS
Ancient Roman robe TOGA
Tool for splitting wood AXE
Piece of text after an essay ENDNOTE
Knife used to slice muktuk ULU
Steeped drink TEA
Aquatic animals with a bovine name SEACOWS
Eggy holiday drink NOG
Nine-digit ID no. SSN
Advil alternative TYLENOL
“___, a deer, a female deer” DOE


Sketch show starring Bowen Yang SNL
Potato ___ (kitchen gadget) PEELER
“My response was . . .” ISAID
Brainy type NERD
Ohio city by Lake Erie (Abbr.) CLE
Bowling alley section LANE
Make furious ANGER
“10 Things I Hate About You” star Julia STILES
Capitol Hill legislator (Abbr.) SEN
MSNBC competitor CNN
Color HUE
Most of a slushie ICE
Part of a set in a workout REP
Prefix for “pronouns” NEO
___ Lanka SRI
“It’s Raining ___” MEN
Potatoes or bread CARB
One ___ at a time STEP
Not manual AUTO
“Channel Orange” singer-songwriter FRANKOCEAN
Opposite of post- PRE
Gleeful jig HAPPYDANCE
Vacuum cleaner brand DYSON
Fell behind LOSTGROUND
___ ki sabzi (Indian potato curry) ALOO
Neither confirm nor ___ DENY
“___ my last email . . .” PER
In need of a hint STUCK
Barbie’s beau KEN
“Brown Skin” singer India.___ ARIE
Computer storage medium DISK
Shoe with a gladiator style SANDAL
Cashew or almond NUT
Buzzing pests GNATS
Boxes for baking brownies MIXES
“___ doesn’t grow on trees!” MONEY
Shelter made of snow IGLOO
Dashboard indicator GAUGE
In ___ (jokingly) JEST
Shortly SOON
A couple TWO
Course for some future bilinguals ESL


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