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New York Times Crossword Answers November 01, 2022

Author: Bruce Haight
Editor: Will Shortz


“___ Chair” (term of address at a meeting) MADAM
-Across, voicewise ALTO
Vaccine watchdog org. FDA
“Rumour Has It” singer, 2011 ADELE
Close one SCARE
Make public AIR
Upbeat response to “How are you?” NEVERBETTER
Some 401(k) investments, in brief CDS
Toledo cheer OLE
Ceiling LIMIT
Big celebration FETE
Annoy RILE
Central Brazil, for the Amazon RIVERBASIN
Slept soundly? SNORED
Nissan sedan ALTIMA
Grand EPIC
Russian waterway famed for its sturgeon fishery VOLGA
___ Aviv TEL
Musical group that doesn’t play original songs COVERBAND
Some Facebook exchanges, in brief IMS
Cousins of mandolins LUTES
Write a ticket (for) CITE
Place for a dish that’s come from the oven HOTPAD
“Rumor has it …” IHEARD
Costlier than projected OVERBUDGET
s film villain with prosthetic metal hands DRNO
Water conduit PIPE
Ghostly EERIE
Warm greeting HUG
Fair-hiring inits. EEO
Grammatical connector like “is” or “seem” … or a connector found literally in 16-, 24-, 35- and 49-Across LINKINGVERB
___ Jose SAN
Three-wheeler TRIKE
Some honkers GEESE
“___ to a Superhero” (Weird Al Yankovic parody of “Piano Man”) ODE
Trial version DEMO
Stared at rudely OGLED


Stately homes MANORS
“Sweet” sweetheart in a barbershop quartet standard ADELINE
Take shape DEVELOP
Brewpub order ALE
Dark European thrush MERL
When Juliet drinks a sleeping potion that makes her seem dead ACTIV
Coffee in the milky way? LATTE
Uno + due TRE
Atop, poetically OER
Accepts reality FACESIT
Was in the slammer DIDTIME
Arms depot ARSENAL
-wheeler SEMI
Frequent flier? BIRD
Big, as a bonus FAT
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Sitar selection RAGA
Turn pale with shock BLANCH
Big name in water purification ECOLAB
Dog shelter employee VET
Metal source ORE
Units of wt. LBS
On-demand digital video brand VUDU
Fizzled out DIED
Wishful words IHOPESO
Trailer in a theater MOVIEAD
It’s a start STEPONE
North Carolina athlete TARHEEL
One doing lifesaving work at a hosp. ERNURSE
Lead-in to position or occupation PRE
“Put ___ writing” ITIN
Creature comfort? DOGBED
Casual fabric DENIM
“Wall Street” character Gordon GEKKO
Breakfast brand EGGO
Relative of Inc. LTD
High dudgeon IRE
Be a couch potato VEG


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