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New York Times Crossword Answers November 02, 2022

Author: Ethan Zou and Tomas Spiers
Editor: Will Shortz


Like the ocean’s ebb and flow TIDAL
Words said at the front of an aisle IDOS
Babysitter’s handful BRAT
___ it all (unaffected) ABOVE
Giggle HEHE
Indian flatbread ROTI
Italian confection brand known for its gold foil wrappers FERREROROCHER
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
“Tiny” Dickens boy TIM
Butterflies-to-be PUPAE
Slangy command to someone arriving with a six-pack BEERME
Alicia Keys album ASIAM
Scatter like a flock of birds FLYOFF
Home, colloquially CRIB
Starts to remove, as screws LOOSENS
Hemmed and ___ HAWED
Underhanded move for an athlete? LAYUP
“___ Dere” (jazz classic about a toddler’s many questions) DAT
Notification ALERT
One serving punch? … or, parsed differently, a hint to 12 squares in this puzzle BOXER
Transport back and forth FERRY
Way to go, in Paris RUE
Stiff, as competition FIERCE
Fall Out Boy, for one EMOBAND
Item split by pedants HAIR
Casual getaways VACAYS
Southwestern sights MESAS
Loath (to) AVERSE
Gaming novices NOOBS
La ___, Bolivia PAZ
Friedrich who created a scale of hardness MOHS
Small dog originally bred for fox hunting BORDERTERRIER
Soeur’s sibling FRERE
Drew on USED
Protein-building acid AMINO
Swimming competition MEET
___ Gerritsen, author of medical and crime thrillers TESS
Seasons, in a way SALTS


Only U.S. president also to serve as chief justice TAFT
Flag carrier airline of Spain IBERIA
Campus quarters DORMS
Assert AVER
Its spots are actually rosettes LEOPARD
Restaurant chain with a smile in its logo IHOP
Unleaded, so to speak DECAF
Oracle SEER
Intimate apparel in many lawyer puns BRIEFS
First men’s tennis player to reach 10 consecutive Grand Slam singles finals ROGERFEDERER
Subject of study at CERN’s laboratory ATOM
Exhaust TIRE
th-century Persian poet and mystic RUMI
Cutesy sound that may accompany a poke BOOP
Founder of heavy metal’s Body Count ICET
___ Highness YOUR
Temporary embarrassment in a public competition, figuratively BLOODYNOSE
Deal breaker? NARC
Eyelid woe STYE
Sprinter that’s a homophone of 46-Across HARE
One mentioned in “Class Notes,” informally ALUM
Shout that may accompany many arms waving WEREOVERHERE
Rocker Rose AXL
___ fide BONA
Much of Finland’s wilderness FIRS
Nutmeg’s “sister spice” MACE
Parties that become naps when their first letter is changed to an “s” FIESTAS
___ hound BASSET
Dinosaur DNA source in “Jurassic Park” AMBER
Sensitive spots SORES
When many hibernations end APRIL
Extremely virtuous sort SAINT
Radio toggle AMFM
Suffix with omni- VORE
“What are the ___?” ODDS
Two-thirds of 100 ZEROS
Start of an objection BUT
Bombeck who wrote “Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession” ERMA


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