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NetWord Crossword Answers November 05, 2022

Author: by Anna Stiga


Not very quick OBTUSE
Be persnickety PETTIFOG
Didn’t go straight VEERED
Work for yourself? EXERCISE
Was in circulation EDDIED
Bierce’s “despair, disguised as a virtue” PATIENCE
DC soccer venue for the Atlanta Olympics RFK
Target area AISLE
Much, with “of” SEAS
Foremost FRONT
Beef that’s not prime NIT
Address in “M*A*S*H” scripts PADRE
The Epson HX-20s (1980) were the first of them LAPTOPS
Serious profession VOW
Mystic contemplation of one’s navel OMPHALOSKEPSIS
Very slight WEE
One standing near the conductor SOLOIST
Antonym of “prince” CAD
Handler of fried eggs SLOTTEDSPATULA
Edible you should dispense with PEZ
Guy of verse “whose beard with age is hoar” MARINER
Manual alternative to a food processor RICER
Get behind OWE
Shade from the Latin for “mole” TAUPE
What you hope will come out in the wash ODOR
Capital city closest to the equator QUITO
Competitive pair that finally got together in NW Utah RRS
Helper on Admiral Byrd’s Antarctic expeditions MALAMUTE
Common oatmeal additive RAISIN
What many MD offices require PHOTOIDS
Early entrant into the game console business COLECO
Don’t mention it SORESPOT
Needing nothing more ALLSET


Superabundance OVERFLOW
They’re fit for kings and queens BEDFRAMES
42-year veteran of ABC News TEDKOPPEL
Ocean State sch. URI
Experience SEE
Inspiration for Wagner’s Ring Cycle EDDA
Potable associate of Rice-A-Roni PEPSI
Take to the next level EXALT
“Se creuser la __” (think really hard: Fr.) TETE
Meter leader TRI
Seasonal fishing tools ICESAWS
Hit in the wallet FINED
Coveted Art Deco knight OSCAR
Yuletide sextet GEESE
It’s just under a foot INSOLE
Ultimate power of science NTH
Partner for a 27 Down TOASTER
Red White & Blueberry limited edition (summer 2022) POPTART
Fall over in elation PLOTZ
Ride for a tour of Rome VESPA
Green stuff for greens SOD
It’s inevitable KISMET
Monitor monitors ICUNURSES
It’s less than usual SALEPRICE
Refuses to even think about DARESNOT
Drive, for example OPERATE
Participante de reunión familiar TIA
They’re hardly hard-fought ROMPS
It has the most acreage of Forest Service land IDAHO
What program notes provide COLOR
Ryder’s mom in “Edward Scissorhands” WIEST
Moment of a monologue QUIP
Swimmer in every ocean ORCA
PD data MOS
Dot-com bubble beneficiary (for a while) AOL
It’s not good ILL


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