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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 07, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Bloke CHAP
Free tickets COMPS
Company symbol LOGO
Repellent ODIOUS
From the U.S. AMER
Find very funny ROARAT
Summoned SENTFOR
Dam-building org. TVA
Big snakes PYTHONS
That woman HER
“… man — mouse?” ORA
Do some modeling POSE
Syrup-yielding tree MAPLE
Party throwers HOSTS
Lotion additive ALOE
Saloon BAR
Knight’s title SIR
Derby or bowler HAT
Sanction APPROVE
Familiar with USEDTO
Shortly, in poems ANON
“What — for Love” (“A Chorus Line” song) IDID
Constellation makeup STARS
Young ones TADS


Brooch part CLASP
Welcoming HOMEY
FBI worker AGENT
Ship window PORTHOLE
Solar halo CORONA
Smells ODORS
Soccer’s Hamm MIA
Friend of Aramis PORTHOS
Most charming SUAVEST
Rude looks STARES
Golf cry FORE
The “Mona Lisa,” for one PORTRAIT
Musical mixture MASHUP
Fake names ALIASES
Door fastener HASP
Rifle supports BIPODS
After a while LATER
“12 Angry Men” star FONDA
Egg-shaped OVOID
Tears apart RENDS
Genetic stuff DNA


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