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The Sun Crossword Answers November 05, 2022


Guys with university course list MENU
Sailor in Israel bothered writer RABELAIS
Appalled hag sat shivering AGHAST
Local name brings musical back NATIVE
Theatrical jerk behind crisis DRAMATIC
Conspire internationally to retain control REIN
Griselda not as jumpy in plane GLIDER
I have to entertain daughter absolutely INDEED
Salacious material turning stomachs SMUT
Does one necessarily need water wings? SEAPLANE
Sausage girl contacts friend in France SALAMI
Heritage prison set back within Lydney’s walls LEGACY
Molten core then sticking together COHERENT
City score without ball TROY
Carte du jour MENU
French satirist RABELAIS
Horrified AGHAST
Indigenous NATIVE
Sensational DRAMATIC
Check REIN
Unpowered aircraft GLIDER
Without any question INDEED
Filth SMUT
Marine aeroplane SEAPLANE
Meat product SALAMI
Willed gift LEGACY
Consistent COHERENT
Iliad setting TROY


Hungry in space-age restaurant EAGER
Defenceless as Venus de Milo? UNARMED
Speed reduced in desert RAT
Tableware at home broken on beach outside BONECHINA
In while selling up: one has to leave LATER
Bill singing well? INVOICE
Time in Ulster to make an entrance TURNSTILE
Evil mogul accepting graduate’s complaint LUMBAGO
Dim entrance? DELIGHT
Hint from artist leaving daily grind TRACE
Some spinach on cheesy snack NACHO
Allow some expletives LET
Zealous EAGER
Weaponless UNARMED
Large rodent RAT
Fine porcelain BONECHINA
Subsequently LATER
Statement of sum owed INVOICE
Revolving gate TURNSTILE
Backache LUMBAGO
Great pleasure DELIGHT
Vestige TRACE
Tortilla chip NACHO
Tennis call LET


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