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NetWord Crossword Answers November 08, 2022

Author: by Billie Truitt


“Shoo!” SCAT
Complained, as a cow MOOED
Enjoy some gum CHEW
Curved part of a foot ARCH
Take the bolt off UNBAR
Curved roof DOME
“It was someone else!” NOTI
Countertop heater STOVE
Dressed (in) CLAD
Sandwich’s ham partner with holes SWISSCHEESE
Use a shovel DIG
Story that might be “tall” TALE
Try a taste of SAMPLE
By mouth ORALLY
Corkscrew shape SPIRAL
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Similar (to) AKIN
Have to have NEED
Have a meal EAT
Funds in a nest egg SAVINGS
Sch. in Tempe ASU
Narrow opening SLIT
Insignificant MERE
Macaroni or manicotti PASTA
Region with many trees FOREST
French cosmetics giant LOREAL
Meshy window insert SCREEN
Of inferior quality POOR
“__ you listening?” ARE
Bar drink in a mug BEER
Italian fashion city MILAN
Sneaker or sandal SHOE
Loaf around LAZE
Wipe a blackboard clean ERASE
Canvas shelter for camping TENT
Just managed, with “out” EKED
More up-to-date NEWER
Gets a glimpse of SEES


__-serif typeface SANS
Cornfield bird CROW
First part of a play ACTI
Prickly plant that’s a symbol of Scotland THISTLE
Built like a weightlifter MUSCLY
__ house (for no charge) ONTHE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Roof overhang EAVE
Liquid topping for a salad DRESSING
Public health agcy. CDC
“Kindly stay on the phone” HOLDPLEASE
Letter sent online EMAIL
Shape of a pie slice WEDGE
Reduced-price events SALES
Something to whisper into EAR
Mined rocks ORES
Authentic REAL
Liquid in auto radiators ANTIFREEZE
Hula dancer’s “grass” garment SKIRT
Tree with cones PINE
City rds. AVES
“¿Cómo __ usted?” ESTA
Two-part DUAL
Congregation’s repetitive agreement AMENAMEN
Light-hearted satire SPOOF
Follower of tic and tac TOE
Takes into custody ARRESTS
__ room (play area) REC
Car provided by a repair shop LOANER
Weasel-like mammal SABLE
Sound from an old wood floor CREAK
Developmental stage PHASE
Grow weary TIRE
Cat’s scratcher CLAW
“This is fun!” WHEE
Urban district ZONE
Prepares, as an alarm clock SETS
Stop sign’s shade RED


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