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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,199 – Nov 7 2022 Crossword Answers

The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,199 – Nov 7 2022

Clues Answers
Artist much appreciated struggle by the French to defend refined dish of theirs RATATOUILLE
Attractive cruet set seen every now and again CUTE
British trio’s refurbished inexpensive eatery BISTRO
Chapter by English poet is easy to understand CLEAR
Cop, say, getting agitated about last part of controversial Caribbean song CALYPSO
Crude lies about unorthodox set beginning to suffer TASTELESS
Description of second person’s past military command? ASYOUWERE
Dorothy hoards old record in storage site DEPOT
Flip over comic performer given large reptile TURNTURTLE
Foot expert is pictured at work PEDICURIST
Go with person, say, after work to find cheap cafe GREASYSPOON
Heed secretary initially desiring thing for scribbling NOTEPAD
In other words, soldier over period accepting a right PARAPHRASE
Leaden cop messed up a means of controlling crime PENALCODE
Lieutenant, appearing about middle of film, has a pleasing accent LILT
Clues Answers
No amateur, Welsh footballer pockets first of bonuses? That’s likely PROBABLE
Now idle, adjusted to a spell in retirement? LIEDOWN
One trailing first to last conversationalists TALKERS
Part of formal inspectorate in here in Africa MALI
Perfect introduction by a croupier? IDEAL
Pointer initially ignored by soldiers and worker? That’s ill-mannered IGNORANT
Preserve a form of service in honour of noted artist CANALETTO
Retired group touring Paris, perhaps as a climax TOCAPITALL
Right-winger in Barking breaking valuable material is monstrous type OGRE
Small drink obtained before a litre as full amount TOTAL
Something that might be laid on two men in short showing bad faith BETRAYAL
Soviet leader left in sign of disgrace STALIN
Subtle detail in French city today at the margins NICETY
Swimmer skirts river channel? TRENCH
Telephone connection in US city on reflection is a joke! ONELINER


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