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NetWord Crossword Answers November 16, 2022

Author: by Guilherme Gilioli


Inert gas in the atmosphere ARGON
Middle of the Three Bears MAMA
Great achievement FEAT
Southeast Florida port MIAMI
Place to “worship from” AFAR
Land measure ACRE
Divide evenly SPLIT
Metric weight GRAM
__ Mountains (Europe/Asia range) URAL
Group discussing comets and galaxies ASTRONOMYCLUB
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Brewery’s large container VAT
Victories in boxing, for short KOS
Settle the score GETEVEN
“Steady as __ goes” SHE
Give a speech ORATE
Peach seed PIT
Molecule component ATOM
Batch of laundry LOAD
Sailor’s assent AYE
River’s flood barrier LEVEE
__ Arbor, MI ANN
Far in the past AGESAGO
Make a blunder ERR
Distinctive period ERA
Regretted RUED
May, as in “I may go” AUXILIARYVERB
Transition point CUSP
Tot’s boo-boo OWIE
Poet Dickinson EMILY
Nabisco cookie OREO
Shows approval by moving one’s head NODS
Rascal ROGUE
The Red Planet MARS
Pesky little fly GNAT
Something of value ASSET


Times before noon: Abbr. AMS
Kelly of daytime TV RIPA
Women at a hoedown GALS
Fails to include OMITS
Main element in air NITROGEN
Fridge message holder MAGNET
Puffy hairdo AFRO
What cowboys call ladies MAAM
Former soldiers ARMYVETS
Pin the blame on FAULT
Brown hosiery color ECRU
Typical Jordanian ARAB
__ Aviv, Israel TEL
Spanish cheer OLE
Is able to CAN
Bearlike Aussie beast KOALA
Film legend Welles ORSON
Star gazer Carl SAGAN
Sporting swords EPEES
Going by way of VIA
__ off (avert) STAVE
Bases-clearing hit HOMER
Bonfire remnant EMBER
Danson of TV TED
Ginger __ (soft drink) ALE
Accompany someone TAGALONG
Drain-clearing chemical LYE
Natural burn balm ALOEVERA
The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards ARI
Take into custody ARREST
Dude GUY
Trade shows, for short EXPOS
Dealership’s floor models DEMOS
Uncanny glow AURA
__-friendly software USER
“You couldn’t defeat me!” IWON
Verdi opera AIDA
Fixes dishonestly RIGS
Stars and Stripes color BLUE
Dot-__ (Internet business) COM
“Are we having fun __?” YET


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