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The Independent Crossword Answers November 18, 2022


Become very interested in following a performer TURN
“Marine creature” misrepresented hen and dormice ECHINODERM
Decline energy drinks at the outset LAPSE
Promiscuous champion probing cryptic clues LECHEROUS
Squander progress after one’s swallowed gin BLUERUIN
Problem contributor to blog – time to be banned? POSER
Liberal avoiding lack of communication about source of certain knowledge SCIENCE
Conference’s last item for discussion provokes strong feeling EMOTION
Quickly explain spill RUNOVER
Dismisses heads securing entry to university BOUNCES
Serious gloomy American disposing of millions SOBER
Pressure point, having ignored initial opening PUNCTURE
Irish county farmer mostly exercised horse with Henry FERMANAGH
Old French city still to be experienced? ONICE
Silly sod going wild, enthralled by officer’s shipping news LLOYDSLIST
See 1 TURN


Everyone supporting leader of Tories? That’s not credible TALL
Slop urine around, leading to sense of disgust REPULSION
Fashion overlooking nothing about Latin lifestyle CULTURE
Anger: popular part of play has start delayed INCENSE
Finished with stage event? It’s more than one can take OVERPRODUCTION
French are monopolising fashion in boyswear ETONS
I’m upset over some Olympic events – errors in programme? MISPRINTS
Most of novel by French writer, avoiding the sea, heading off for imaginary territory NEVERNEVERLAND
Small agitated flusters indicative of pressure STRESSFUL
Becomes liable to Independent regarding attack INCURSION
Painter, artist bound to rise, capturing origin of humanity RAPHAEL
Batches in bread box mostly BUNCHES
Poet on love and what follows death BARDO
About to probe Australia, turning up nothing ZERO


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