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NetWord Crossword Answers November 18, 2022

Author: by S.N.


Task detail SPEC
Not working OFF
Yoga posture ASANA
Red Muppet ELMO
Rightful DUE
Speak __ (disparage) ILLOF
With 20 Across, waste creative effort REINVENT
Place to perch ROOST
Rockies resort BANFF
See 16 Across THEWHEEL
It means “same” ISO
Particular class of people WORLD
Light Brigade weapon SABRE
Sleek, in car-speak AERO
Salad bar array BEETS
“Don’t __ word!” SAYA
Blender setting WHIP
Traversing VIA
Suffix in geometry GON
With 41 Across, be a snowbird, say FOLLOW
See 38 Across THESUN
Serpent’s tail INE
Leaf holder PAD
Interoffice directive ASAP
Not as intense LESS
Compound Nobel worked with NITRO
Proclaim AVOW
Big name in blush ESTEE
City near Florence SIENA
Prominent period ERA
With 65 Across, return to the way it was TURNBACK
Splendidly stately REGAL
Swamp thing GATOR
See 60 Across THECLOCK
Old enough to know better ADULT
DC-based alliance OAS
Something special LULU
Settle REPAY
Model, to begin with KIT
Make a move STEP


A Danube nation SERBIA
Gratify PLEASE
One-sharp key EMINOR
Office phone button CONF
Lyrical creation ODE
A good time FUN
“Fine” condition FETTLE
Frigid finish AIRE
Moderates SLOWS
Luau exchanges ALOHAS
Equine accessories NOSEBAGS
Phrase of courtesy AFTERYOU
Post for former soldiers VFW
What might hang in a den HDTV
Country singer Rimes LEANN
Mentor to Luke OBIWAN
Street cred REP
Nocturnal hunter OWL
Keeps under wraps SITSON
Move like a crow HOP
Sleuth’s outburst AHA
Sole portion FILET
Lump for your tea ONESUGAR
Conan Doyle detective LESTRADE
UV Index publisher EPA
Data holder DISC
Amount to ARE
Parodied SENTUP
Video-viewing venue TIKTOK
Do very little VEGOUT
Large competitor of Microsoft ORACLE
Take the stairs to the attic WALKUP
Congo River tributary EBOLA
Plot progression ARC
Overly stylized ARTY
Half-rectangles ELLS
Honshu affirmative HAI
It means “most” EST

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