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The Independent Crossword Answers November 20, 2022


Rabbi’s love for one prepared to learn ABSORB
Can drinking whiskey after French garlic ultimately yield gust from behind? TAILWIND
City traveller must circumnavigate to get back RECOVER
A gold plate conducting current with variable physical property AGILITY
Death’s edge about to slice one looking stunned GRIMREAPER
Inappropriate looking dance, in retrospect LEER
Hotel program reader’s to receive hot drink now at a discount HAPPYHOUR
Run boat’s propeller and make a din ROAR
Hide in Magaluf with Eco novel CAMOUFLAGE
Newton with true confusion concerning particle NEUTRON
Plain, quiet, less stuffy royal brought to the fore PRAIRIE
Fearless journalist to trade leaders: show restraint HOLDBACK
Briefly put off by court notice DETECT


Shower naked, holding cloth BARRAGE
Mental image interrupted by extremely sexy companion PSYCHIC
Article about unknown American soldiers by the cut-off Israeli city NAZARETH
Hit at random, unfortunately I fall FLAIL
Minister starts to embarrass Rishi Sunak with a large U-turn? REVERSAL
Writer’s covering President endlessly, as before IBIDEM
Appliances from Q’s successor in antithesis of Bond film? DRYERS
Manure always contains organic compound UREA
Allow doing away with European era voting rights SUFFRAGE
Don’t be cruel talking about flavourless dessert PLAYNICE
Noisily eat cold late morning meal without starter CRUNCH
Muse vaguely about a liberal prophet SAMUEL
Obstacle arranged to block coffin bearer BARRIER
Nothing to support idea propagated by books and film MEMENTO
Rings husband’s dropped – how clumsy! OOPS
Bird ascending east German mountain GREBE

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