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New York Times Crossword Answers November 04, 2022

Author: Juliet Corless
Editor: Will Shortz


“We choose to go to the moon” speaker, for short JFK
Collection awaiting analysis RAWDATA
Childhood vaccine combo DPT
Will be present? ARE
Amorphous, in a way AMOEBIC
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Six-time Dodgers All-Star Ron CEY
Ceramic iron compound that’s nonconductive FERRITE
Usher’s offering ARM
Auntie Em and Uncle Henry, for two KANSANS
Dry cleaner DUSTMOP
“I already said I would!” OKOK
Battle of the ___ SEXES
Beyoncé hit containing the lyric “I got my angel now” HALO
Be accepted by one’s peers FITIN
Head of House Stark on “Game of Thrones” NED
Critic, in modern lingo HATER
Predatory relatives of coral ANEMONES
Truffle hunting option GODIVA
Some smartphones LGS
One isn’t good for cellphone service BAR
Geom. figure CIR
Pomeranian, for one LAPDOG
Send out again REDEPLOY
Refinement TWEAK
Ford or Lincoln CAR
Muscly BUILT
Old movie unit REEL
“Shut up!” CANIT
___ v. Alston (landmark 2021 Supreme Court antitrust decision) NCAA
Takes the throne, say ASCENDS
Actress Angela of “Malcolm X” BASSETT
Play-___ DOH
Style moderne ARTDECO
Cause of some head-scratching NIT
Suffix in linguistics EME
Star that’s actually three stars POLARIS
Phillipa ___, original Eliza in “Hamilton” SOO
French possessive SES
Professor ___ EMERITA
One backward musician? ENO


Certain multitasker? JACKOFALLTRADES
Conference highlights KEYNOTESPEECHES
Tennis’s Nadal, informally RAFA
Good faith agreements? AMENS
Went downhill WORSENED
German article DER
Accepted without objection ABIDED
“___ Andronicus” TITUS
Nails ACES
Freedom for a screenwriter, say DRAMATICLICENSE
Failing a drug test or leaving the state, maybe PAROLEVIOLATION
Go through lightly SKIM
Trumpeter Jones THAD
Kisses, symbolically XES
Biblical peak HOREB
Badger or hound NAG
Wander GAD
Thiamine deficiency disease BERIBERI
Hollow DALE
Took off RAN
“Queen of denial” and “knight and day” PUNS
Make a certain chess move CASTLE
Obsolescent PC insert CDROM
Implied TACIT
Resting spot for some buns NAPE
Slammin’ Sammy SOSA
Give: Sp. DAR


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