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New York Times, Friday, March 31, 2023 Crossword

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___ Square, rhyming attraction in the city center of Galway, Ireland EYRE
___-Einstein condensate, the so-called “fifth state of matter” BOSE
Actress Campbell NEVE
African capital on its own gulf TUNIS
Airport at one end of the Kennedy Expwy. ORD
Apple ___ INC
Attention-getting cry LOOK
Bag of tricks REPERTOIRE
Big wheels POOBAHS
Blended numbers PARTSONGS
Boomer, for short? TNT
C’mon, tell us! JUSTSAYIT
Camus’s birthplace ALGERIA
Classic cars that rivaled the Ford Maverick and Plymouth Duster CHEVYNOVAS
Classic music label whose name consists entirely of musical notes DECCA
Climate MOOD
Company for a king or queen SEALY
Confirm UPHOLD
Crushed ACED
Current event? EDDY
Diacritic over the “r” in “Dvorak” HACEK
Fodder for some miners DATA
Footwear brand AVIA
France’s ___ de Loire VAL
Getting around easily SPRY
Grand Prix competitor, e.g. ROADRACER
Harvard or Cambridge grad CANTAB
Heavens ETHER
Iconic 28-Across player SCHROEDER
It ends near Venice THEPO
Its first scene is set near Memphis AIDA
Joel who once played Wyatt Earp in film MCCREA
Laughable INANE
Laura of “ER” INNES
Lead-in to card or credit DIS
Light line RAY
Made fair EVENED
Memorial Day weekend event, familiarly INDY
Name hidden in “call an audible” LANA
New York ___ (purple bloom) ASTER
No first-stringer SCRUB
No longer able to get out INTOODEEP
Part of X-X-X TAC
Plastic keys? TOYPIANO
Products touted in some email scams DIETPILLS
Prosperous period GOLDENERA
Quite a blast? GALE
Row house? EMBASSY
Sediment LEES
Senator, e.g., in brief NHLER
Show first performed during 1994’s Eurovision Song Contest RIVERDANCE
Sister brand of Mazola ARGO
Slightly leading UPONE
Some arena illumination, for short LEDS
Some consequences for defaulting REPOS
Something that good speakers make with audiences EYECONTACT
Something to help you see where you’re going STREETMAP
Something to think about IDEA
Spicy, in a way CAJUN
Sweet, lovable sort TEDDYBEAR
That will be ___ the set of sun: Shak. ERE
Twine fiber SISAL
U.S. health org. CDC
Was hard to understand, in a way SLURRED
Where an eye test may be given, in brief DMV
Wouldn’t release CLUNGTO
You got it! OKEYDOKEY


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