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New York Times – Jun 23 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Je suis a ___’ (‘I’m all yours’) TOI
‘___, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss’: Keats AYE
100 is a high one, informally TEMP
Actor Gibson of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise TYRESE
Anchor’s place NEWSROOM
Apt cry of encouragement for a geologist? ROCKON
Apt cry of encouragement for a pilot? KEEPITUP
Betamaxes, e.g VCRS
Big name in family music OSMOND
Button often indicated by a forward arrow SEND
Capital of Eritrea ASMARA
City formerly known as Christiania OSLO
Clothes line SEAM
Coded material RNA
Credit cards PLASTIC
Dance components STEPS
Dehydrates DRIESOUT
Displayed dislike, in a way SNEERED
Divide appropriately PRORATE
Drones, e.g MALES
Editorial overruling STET
Features of some Japanese gardens KOIPONDS
Fitting SEEMLY
Frankincense and myrrh, but not gold RESINS
Galleon’s company ARMADA
Game played on yaks in Mongolia and Pakistan POLO
Genre for Gabriel García Márquez and Haruki Murakami MAGICALREALISM
Govt. org. since 1946 SSA
Grp. defending trans rights ACLU
Horror-struck AGHAST
Ingratiating sort PEOPLEPLEASER
Ingredient in some flour RYE
It might be sold by the yard ALE
Letters seen all around New York City MTA
Like many gift packages and old messages TAPED
Like some knowledge and commitments PRIOR
Many a Zoroastrian IRANI
Michelle ___ West of the L.P.G.A WIE
Mine PIT
Mountain path PASS
Mulder on ‘The X-Files,’ e.g., informally GMAN
Narrative device used in ‘Groundhog Day’ TIMELOOP
Oil and film, for two MEDIA
One who’s got the goods? SELLER
Opportunity for an amateur, maybe OPENMIC
Overly slick UNCTUOUS
Parliament : owls :: raft : ___ OTTERS
Participants in a November parade, informally VETS
Parties DOS
Play ___ (sit in with the band) ASET
Political convention attendees: Abbr DELS
Pro bono promo PSA
Quick impression, as of a person READ
Refresher course? PALATECLEANSER
Reinvented self NEWME
Roast figures MCS
Roughly one-third of the earth’s surface DESERT
Scintillas IOTAS
Sharp now HONED
Singer/songwriter Paul ANKA
Some stage whispers ASIDES
Spanish American cowboy LLANERO
State flower of Utah SEGO
Target of a biometric scanner RETINA
Theme park originally conceived as a planned community EPCOT
Top present during the holiday season? DREIDEL
Unmoving INERT
What a key provides ANSWER


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